Looking To Buy Curtains? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide


Are you done choosing your furniture? Now it is probably time to select a curtain; you might have kept it last on your to-do list, thinking that it’s easy. So let us tell you that curtains can make or break your room. 

Have you seen beautiful minimal rooms with a flashy red curtain? Absolutely not. Therefore, choosing curtains is not a cakewalk as one would expect. 

Brace yourself when you go to the stores for curtains when you have hundreds of options thrown towards you! We can all attest to this! It is quite easy to get overwhelmed at this point.

Choosing a curtain only based on its looks without considering its quality, practicality, and design is a strict no-no. 

Fabric Finesse 

A good fabric doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Rather you should know the criteria to choose the right material. Some curtains keep out the cold; some do a great job of blocking the sunlight. 

Some material types allow free air movement and keep dust at bay. At the same time, others might be excessively smothering and promote dust accumulation and allergens in the home.

You can use any material that hangs beautifully, such as silk, linen, velvet, etc., 

Lighting And Privacy 

You can choose a curtain depending on the space you are working with. If you are looking for curtains for a sunroof or your living arena, you can opt for sheer light curtains that let lots of light in and brighten the area.

But the same doesn’t go for the bedroom. Imagine waking up every day with the light bursting on your face! Nobody would want that! 

So for such areas as bedrooms and places where you need that extra privacy and lesser daylight, choose a dense, thick curtain. 

Get That Length Sorted 

If you’re still buying curtains that are the same length as your windows, it’s time to wake up!

We should hang curtains far higher than where the window starts. This gives the space a sense of greater height. Hanging them at least six inches above the window is the way to go. Feel free to go higher for an even more dramatic effect!

A great tip would be to make sure the width is correct. Allow four to six inches on each side of the curtain and double the overall length to create curtain waves. These extra inches will also assist you in keeping the harmful sun rays out.

Ready-Made or Tailored? 

This can be tricky, but if personalization and customization are what you believe in, then, by all means, go for the tailored version. Their dimensions may be modified to fit certain window sizes. Their panels allow several design possibilities. Various materials can be combined and matched to suit multiple functions and aesthetics. There are fabrics for sale online where you can order material sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Ready-made curtains nowadays come in various designs, so you have to be worried about the variety aspect. Buying these curtains is cost-effective and apt for newly built homes as they are sewn according to standard measurements. 

Machine Wash or Dry Clean Only?

This may seem insignificant, but the factor is critical to purchase curtains depending on how you want to handle them in the future. Is just the dry-cleaning option attractive to you? Do you prefer the more cost-effective choice of machine-washable fabric? 

High-quality curtains for the living room and bedroom should usually be dry-cleaned. If washed at home, they might steadily get damaged. You may wash and clean materials like cotton and other everyday usage curtains at home. Before you buy anything, make sure you question the salesperson about this.


Curtains, if done properly, may not only look elegant but also add to your home’s comfort and coziness. Following these basic guidelines will help you achieve greater comfort and tranquility in your home. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to make an informed choice that meets your taste and requirement. All the best!