Luxury Design Ideas for New Builds


Not much compares to the excitement of building a brand-new house. The ability to literally custom tailor your dream home is a luxury you have worked very hard for. What are some ways that you can take your design to the next level? 

The Layout 

When it comes to building houses, the floor plan of the home is the most important thing next to the location. It is important that there is a natural flow from one room to the next and that the placement of things like stairs, bathrooms, and entrances make sense for your needs. This step in the process can not only add value to your home but also increase the quality of living you will have while you’re in it. 

You will want to leave a lot of space for the major areas of the kitchen and living areas and plan to have a master suite with a full bathroom. And don’t forget to include a room for your indoor pool! While planning your personal oasis, be sure to look all over to find inspiration and tips on how to set up your floor plan. You will want to draw from multiple sources to spur your creativity and give you the exact home that you’ve always dreamed of.

The Decor 

Once you’ve finished the floor plan and construction has started, it’s time to start thinking of decor for your luxurious interior. Start by considering the colors of the walls you want in each room and how the walls and the floors will go together. Once you’ve got that down, select furniture that matches the design you’ve chosen. 

Now that that is done, you can go and find some art sculptures for sale alongside other decor and furnishings to really bring the home together. Don’t forget to include any light fixtures as a part of the design. This portion of decorating your house is where you can really show off your sense of style. 

Not everyone will notice the thought you’ve put into the floor plan of the house, but everyone will see the fantastic colors, intriguing art, and gorgeous floors and fixtures that you’ve put into your home. 

The Exterior 

Lastly, let’s talk exterior. If you are going to put the time, creativity, and money into making the interior exactly how you want it, it only makes sense to do the same with the outside. The best tip for exterior design is to take advantage of the natural landscape surrounding your property. If you are building within the city limits, you might not have a lot to work with, but planting some small trees for shade or installing a fountain out front can add quite a bit of curb appeal. 

If you are building on a large parcel of land, you might have natural forests, large hills, or even a small lake or pond. Before you roll over these things, consider if there is a way to actually make them a part of your design. A well-kept lake could be a unique place for water activities. From there, get the right exterior material and color, a good landscaper, and the swimming pool of your dreams, and you’re all set on the exterior. 

Following these tips can help during the planning process of constructing or remodeling a patch of land into your custom home. Follow these tips and you’ll quickly find that your dream home is finally move-in ready!