Milan Fashion Week: Street Style Spring 2014


Street style or street fashion is a fashion which not emerged from a studio or by some fashion designer. It is a fashion which is result on a free  ordinary people style and it originated literally from street. Street style or street fashion is promoted by photographers and fashion lovers who go to fashion events and take photos of simply ordinary people on a streets. Diego Zuko is one of these fashion lovers who goes to events and make street style albums. And today, I will present Street style spring 2014, gallery made by Diego Zuko in Milan Fashion Week.

There are some categories in a street style such as Happiest, Teddy Boys, Punk Fashion, Gothic Fashion, Hip Hop Fashion, Rasta etc. And I think street fashion is a good inspiration for a fashion designers. Well now, if you love street style, you have to see what was characteristic in Milan Fashion Week for Street Style Spring 2014. You will see very interesting combination of clothes and the colors too.  The photos are Diego Zuko choices, but they really represent the spring season. So, look below the gallery, choose your combination and let’s prepare for next spring. Enjoy and stay fashionable.