Money-Saving Shopping Tips When Traveling Abroad


Whenever we go to places known for their shopping districts, we just cannot help but splurge. Sometimes the whole duration of the trip is spent there, we do not mind not getting to key places of interest we initially intended on going. Right now, you are probably thinking, “hey, that is not going to be me, I can control myself”. And to that we all say, “Are you sure about that?”

See, there is a reason why there are articles for, let us say, money saving tips on travelling to Malaysia. When you are there, you will spend big. Seasoned globetrotters have mastered the art of bargain shopping, a talent some of us just wish we are born with. But the great news is, money-saving shopping can be learnt. In this article, we will talk about how you can save while you are spending.

Have an initial list

Before you go to a shopping district, find out what you can buy from there. Research as much as you can about the stores that you can visit in the area and list down the things you want to buy. Here is the thing though, we all know that list is not going to be followed. However, writing it all down can help you figure out if it is something that you want or just an impulse buy. There is a difference between the two, an impulse buy is a want that really serves no purpose and you will probably forget you bought it in the first place.

Keep a budget in mind

While you are researching and listing down items, find out how much money you should have in mind. Make sure to save up for the maximum amount that you can bring, and spend only up until that. If it does not fit the budget, you can either put it down or replace it with an item in our basket. Be strict with your budget because you have already set it in the highest amount possible, there is no reason to go over that.

See if you can get it for free

There are some items you can find for free if you look hard enough. Again, look for places that offer free stuff and see if any of those is your cup of tea. Shopping districts do that so that customers, especially travellers, can test their products and hopefully buy from them in the future. That does not just happen in your hometown, so always be on the lookout for free stuff abroad.

Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate

The art of negotiating is something we all wish comes naturally to us. But the trick here really is to scout prices. Remember that stores will overprice their items and it is up to you to find the base price for a specific item. Once you do, you can negotiate it down to a few bucks. When they crack, that means the last price they gave it to you is its actual value. Congratulations, you have just bargained!

Time your shopping

One of the best ways to save other than setting a budget is timing your shopping. If you become strict with yourself, you will follow the time and leave once it is up. But do not restrict yourself as well. When you are setting a time for shopping, include going around and scouting for prices, negotiating, and so on. 5 hours of shopping is more than enough time for some people, but to go beyond that, say 8 full hours, might hurt your wallet.

Yes, you are traveling maybe you can cut yourself some slack. But spending so much for shopping might mean spending less for the rest of the travel. That does not rob you of good bargains, but it does limit the travel experience. So keep these things in mind and enjoy the full experience of traveling to a new place.