Moving On – Quick Tips For a Smooth Move


Every homebuyer anxiously awaits the closing day. Planning how the furniture is going to be laid out and the color scheme for each room. There is just one pesky task left to do and it is not very glamorous.  While you were dreaming about your new home you overlooked the actual moving part. Yes, it’s time to pack. These tips will hopefully make your move a bit easier.

Don’t panic.

Buying a home is a long, stressful process. You made it through that, so you can make it through this move. Make a list. Start your list by adding each individual room. Be sure to leave space below that to add in specific tasks for that room. Start at the front door and make your way through the home. For each room, start at the top and work your way to the floor. Now that you have your list, time to move on.


If you haven’t used it in a year, it is time to let go. Clothes get outdated pretty quickly, instead of saving them, try selling them. Children clothes are always in demand and are usually an easy sell. Have shoes in the closet that haven’t been worn yet? If they have been in there collecting dust for a while, it is time for them to go. If you would rather donate everything, most churches and stores will pick them up from you.

Do a little each day

According to Firehouse Movers Inc., most people moving try to move in one day. Rushing leads to broken items. Things aren’t wrapped and packed appropriately because of the time constraint. Break your to-do-list tasks into days. Plan what you can easily do in one day. By moving day almost everything will be ready to be put in the moving truck and you can be excited about your move.


You can skip the packing store. Many stores, like grocery stores, will give you their boxes for you to re-use. Some stores may break their boxes down while others won’t. You can usually get all of the boxes you need from one store.

Change your address before you move

No need to wait until you are in your new home to change your address. About one week before the move change your address with the postal service. USPS has made it even easier for you by allowing you to do it online. The postal service will need a few days to make the switch, so plan ahead for this.

Fill a tote with items you will need immediately

After the moving truck has left, you may be too exhausted to start unpacking. There are a few things you will need the first night like: bedding, clean clothes for the next 2 days, toiletries, soap, shampoo, etc. To make it easier, fill a clear tote with items that the entire family will use. Choose smaller totes for each person with their individual belongings. Remember to pack your chargers in these totes. Whether it is for your phone or laptop you will want to be able to easily find these. These chargers are small and you don’t want them lost during the move.

Hopefully these tips will help you transition from one home to another. Remember, take your time. Plan to pack every day until moving day. Make it easier on yourself by letting go of clothes and items that are not needed. Happy moving!