New Ear Cuff Trends in UK


The new ear cuff trend in the UK is the one to follow. The chic items available in the stores online give a new shine to the ear’s outer rim. Thus, in this blog, we highlight some of the fantastic trends to follow for those who love to catch up the latest news. 

The Comet Earrings with silver sterling

These earrings have the 925 sterling silver. There is an illusion that casts upon the ear when this cuff is worn. These earrings have a stylish zircon crystal, which is put together asymmetrically.

The overall design of a comet brings joy to the person wearing it. They can stand out in the crowd, draw the attention, and let the onlookers talk about the jewellery piece.

There is also ease of use when we talk about this piece of the ear cuff. That’s possible because of its adjustable clasp. 

If you order it online at the right time, you can either get it in pure gold plated quality or the most preferred, red gold plated silver quality. Though, it also depends upon your current need to wear this cuff.

The famous eye design

This cuff has nothing but the famous one eye with lashes sticking out. To many, this design is enormously overwhelming. Though, others consider this design to be bold, protective against negative energies, and an accessory that never goes out of fashion.

Jewellery designers are always experimenting with eye design. So, currently, this ear cuff is in vogue with a pink stone carefully crafted in the centre like an eyeball. 

The park is added to this earring because of the cubic zirconia. More such options can be seen browsed at the ear cuffs store online.

Mostly, this cuff is best for wearing for an entire day or long hours. The comfortability associated with this cuff proves that point. Plus, the edges of this earpiece are softer than any other cuffs, and earrings found online.

So, you won’t even feel them whenever you are out wearing them. This also speaks about the lightweight feature of these cuffs even after being plated with gold or rose gold.

Rainbow Crystal design

If you wish to go with a unique and unheard design, it is then the rainbow one. The cuff which we are talking about is quite trendy these days on the stores that are famous for the trendy set of ear cuffs.

It is a beautiful design that you can wear in the middle rim of the ear. Colourful beads are hanging off the crown-like design. This entire earring is captivated and dressed in cubic zirconia. 

Overall, this sterling silver earring is available in rose gold, plain gold, and pure 925 sterling silver colours. This cuff is suitable for everyone because it is certified to be hypoallergenic. So, there are no chances of any irritation, itching, or adverse reaction for those who have sensitive skin.

Plus, it’s free from any nickel and very freely adjustable around the ear.

Silver Double Line cuff

It has no pin, needle, or clasp system. You are free to use this ear cuff as and when you like on the entire rim of your ear. It can be worn at the upper side as well as the lower. 

You can change their position to experiment with the other earrings or other cuffs you might have to wear on multiple occasions.

It is one of the minimal jewellery designs fashionistas love if they really depend on minimalism or sustainable fashion’s point of view. 

This earpiece is free from nickel and promises to be hypoallergenic. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when planning to wear it out for long hours. 

It is available only in one colour format, that is, pure 925 sterling silver. It’s best to style the hair on one side to bring the earring’s shine in front of the crowd when you are out. This way, this earpiece can be highlighted and pique other’s interest in one glance.

X ear cuff design

This is quite a unique design. It looks like some sort of a scientific gene or DNA. Thus, whoever looks at it will be highly interested to know what actually you are wearing. Though, it is just an X shape designed in a very fancy shape. 

If you buy it in the rose gold plated colour, it looks more of a scientific thing. Nonetheless, it is another minimalistic design that people are demanding from the trustable stores online these days.