What Is The Nutritional Value of Medjool Dates for Bloggers?


Since most bloggers work from home, it is easy for them to open the kitchen cupboard and snack on bad snacks like sweets and candy bars. However, snacking on a serving of dates, every once in a while can help top you off with important vitamins and minerals while giving you lots of fibre to help with your digestion. Medjool dates in particular, are pretty tasty dates and they are an incredibly healthy food with many nutritional benefits. Thanks to Holland and Barrett voucher codes that allow you to get a second packet of dates for a penny, you can enjoy a portion of this healthy food for a fraction of a candy bar. So, apart of saving money, there are many health benefits found in eating dates.

What are the nutritional benefits of dates?

First, dates are a tasty, high-energy snack. A cup of dates has virtually no fat and about 400 calories. They’re naturally cholesterol free, very low in salt, and have a little bit of protein.


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The big benefit to dates is that they have lots of dietary fiber. Fiber helps aid digestion. It’s a key factor in regulating bowel movements and eliminating constipation and other rectum and anus disorders, like haemorrhoids. Many people have a hard time finding sources of dietary fiber that they enjoy eating. A single 1 cup serving of dates can have up to 48% of your daily fiber recommendation, making dates a great way to solve that problem.

Dates, just like garcinia cambogia have an antioxidant activity and they are considered to be a superfood.

Finally, dates are rich in several vitamins and minerals. They’ve got lots of magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamin B-6. These vital compounds help your body regulate blood pressure, circulate oxygen, and keep your metabolism at a healthy level.

Dates do have quite a few calories per serving. If you suffer from diabetes or you’re actively trying to lose weight, it’s important to keep an eye on your intake of dates and other sugary foods. You can certainly get away with having a few dates in between meals, but you definitely don’t want to go overboard.

Where can you buy Medjool dates online?

The Holland & Barrett web store offers Medjool dates. Not only are the dates at Holland & Barrett quite affordable, they also offer free shipping on repeated orders. You’ll get a regular delivery of soft, delicious dates that will ensure you get plenty of fiber in the future.

Price. Saving money with Holland & Barrett coupons

The price of Medjool dates can vary slightly based on seasonal demand and sales, but you can usually get 100g of dates for about £2.25.

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