Piano principles and guidelines transportation


Because a piano is large, large, and fragile, it can be difficult to move. The future performance of the instrument is contingent on the structural integrity of the instrument and the absence of internal damage after transport. It is crucial to take care when moving it.

Making the necessary preparations for the transportation instrument

You should prepare for the correct transport by taking out the parts that are removable from the outside of the instrument. You’ll need:

  • If required, remove the striking mechanism and unscrew the bolts. However, we do not recommend using the mechanism to touch.
  • lift the cover to expose the keys using a screwdriver.
  • Take off the cover on the top. Most of the latches are used to lock it.
  • To protect the pedals, open the bottom cover.

After this, you should take care to pack the pieces. Make sure the strings are secured using thick paper. The keys and covers must be protected by a soft fabric.

If you plan to transport your instrument by yourself and cannot disassemble the pieces, you’ll have to carry it in its assembled form which is why you should make sure the covers are secured with duct tape. This method can help prevent mechanical damage during transportation.

The piano should be securely packed with bubble wrap. If you don’t have one, use blankets, then cover the instrument in them and secure it with rope. This will reduce the chance of it getting damaged.

Plan of Action The Piano’s Transport

The first step is to know the requirements of the cargo you plan to carry. Transport is usually required for classical pianos, which have a length of around 1.5 meters long and differ only in height. The gravity center is 120 cm in height. It isn’t the case with weight, however:

  • It is important to position the instrument correctly when moving it. you need to inform other people to correct the problem when it is not in the correct position.
  • Examine the condition of the stairs at the place you want to carry the piano down and up. If the weight of the instrument is combined with the weight of employees from the transportation company, the stairs may not be able to withstand the load that could create a dangerous situation for health as well as the instrument.
  • When you transport a piano it is important to think about an evenly distributed distribution of support and weight. It is recommended to hire one specialized loader per 45 kg.
  • If you don’t have any previous experience with short distance movers items, don’t try this task on your own. Use the services of professionals from reliable transportation firms like Zeromax. They can move instruments fast and safely, as well as move them down and up the staircase.
  • large models 320-500 kg.
  • Consider a route and plan a route. Take into account every doorway that might be on your way. It is necessary to abandon your plan if the piano can’t be accessed through the doorway.
  • Smaller models weigh between 180-280 kg.
  • How do you properly transport pianos? Follow this guideline:
  • If you experience a traumatic situation, ensure that everyone can get out of the way fast, for example, when one person falls.
  • First, think about the vehicle that could be used to transport the object. Consider the options to load it. You can also entrust this task to experts.
  • You should ensure that everyone involved is properly equipped with the proper straps and fasteners too, to, be able to move the piano.
  • Maintain the instrument’s support from below all the time Be aware that a piano that is facing downwards puts a huge amount of pressure.

When transporting a piano, the first rule to follow is to do it slowly and carefully. Experts and you should be able to stop at just the right moment to grab the piano and breathe deeply, and then get back to your best. This method will allow you to have full control of the situation that reduces the possibility of unexpected scenarios.

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Installing and removing inserts from your vehicle

After all the work of moving the musical instrument to the dock for loading is done, assume that most of the work is completed. It’s time to put it into the vehicle.

The piano should be securely fastened. Special vehicles with high capacity for carrying are equipped with hydraulic elevators as well as metal clamps as securing elements. These clamps can be used to fix the instrument to its sides.

Don’t take your piano when it is cold The instrument responds to temperature changes.

You should plan your route before traveling. Do this to be safe from mechanical damages as well as severe jolts, vibrations, or vibrations.

However, to ensure that your piano is transported securely and safely, trust everything to the experts at the Zeromax company. We’ll transport your delicate cargo efficiently and at the lowest cost within your region!