Plastic Draw Storage Ideas for Garden Shed Makeovers


Having a garden shed is a great idea, being a very convenient place to store the likes of gardening supplies and unused belongings. The problem with this of course is that overusing a garden shed can then result in it becoming overly cluttered and a major problem in and of itself. 

The good news is there are ways to deal with the problem of an overly cluttered garden shed by getting it organised and making use of storage tips and methods that will result in your garden shed once again looking neat and clean. 

Have a clearout

Holding onto things that you no longer need for sentimental reasons is understandable, but doing this too often is a guaranteed method for ending up with far too much stuff. It is crucial to maximise space in your garden shed for items that are actually going to be of use to you, so having a clear-out of useless items is essential. 

Some items, such as furniture, clothing and other household items can be donated to charity if they would still be of functional use to other people. 

Some things may of course still be useful but still taking up unnecessary space. One tip to deal with this problem is to consolidate items such as bird feeders, bags of soil and various garden items into stackable plastic draw storage bins. This will also give these items a much longer lease of life when they are stored in airtight containers rather than just having the top of the bag they are in simply folded over. 

It is also a mistake to keep items just because they may possibly become useful at some indeterminate point in the future.

Make an inventory

Once you have removed all unnecessary items from your garden shed, the next step is to take an inventory of what you have left. Try and see how some items can fit together as this can be a good way to help maximise space. For example, planting pots that were previously stored separately might fit together much more economically.

Having the right storage tools

When you know what you have to keep in storage, and where you will be able to do so in your garden shed, the next step is to get hold of the right storage tools that will be able to help you to do so. 

Plastic storage cabinets are a great storage idea for any garden shed. These storage cabinets can feature up to as many as 60 plastic drawers, offering a superb amount of  shed draw storage for items large and small alike. 

Other great storage tool ideas include the likes of wall hooks, which are ideal to hang bulky garden items on such as brooms, rakes, shovels and hoses, and peg boards, which provide a superb storage option for items like hammers, rolls of tape, screwdrivers and similar handy items. 

Clearing out your garden shed and making the most of your available space with clever storage options is the best way to get a shed that is clean, tidy and organised.