Premier Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Body Butter Review

Bath salt and palm leaf

Imagine yourself getting home on a Friday night after a stressful week. You’re tired, stressed and your muscles ache. When you look in the mirror, your skin looks like death. It is dull, gray and splotchy.

Consider these two scenarios:

You climb into a bath with cheap, perfumed bubbles you bought at the drug store. You soak and soak until all the bubbles are gone. Still, your skin is a disaster, drier than when you started bathing. You put on a basic lotion that leaves your skin greasy, but slightly more moisturized. When you wash your hands an hour later, the soap strips away the lotion, leaving your hands drier than ever and cracked.

You climb into a luxurious bath of ancient sea salts. As you soak, the salts caress your tired muscles. It sloughs away dead skin cells. Minerals penetrate deep into your skin. You emerge from the bath and slather rich, creamy body butter on your skin. It leaves your skin smooth – not greasy – and moisturized, even after washing your hands multiple times.

Which of these scenarios is going to better ease your stress?

Luxury Meets Salt

When we’re stressed, one of the first places it is likely to show is our skin. It quickly becomes dull and our acne or eczema rears its angry head. Proper body care is a fundamental part of dealing with stress.

Taking an hour or so a week or to focus on healing your body goes miles towards dealing with mental stress. A salt scrub followed by luxurious body butter is the perfect combination to slough away the stresses of the week and leave our skin once again soft and glowing.

The Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub paired with the Milk and Honey Aromatic Body Butter, both from Premier Dead Sea, are certain to wash away the aches and pains and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Want to know what other people thought about Premier Dead Sea Salt Scrub and other products? Read here:

The Magical Qualities of the Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea products are all made with natural salt, mud, and seaweed from the Dead Sea – a large body of salt water between Israel and Jordan. It has a salt concentration ten times higher than normal oceans, so very few organisms can survive there.

The Dead Sea is revered for its healing qualities since prehistoric times. It has been used to ease arthritis and chronic skin conditions. Cleopatra claimed all her beauty secrets came from the Dead Sea and tried to stake claim to as much of the Dead Sea as she could.

Since then, women have been using Dead Sea’s natural splendor to treat their hair, skin and nails. Premier takes the ancient mineral richness of the Dead Sea and combines it with the latest scientific advancements to create some of the greatest natural beauty products available today. Here’s a more in-depth review on Cosmetic Sanctuary of Premier Dead Sea products.

Soak & Scrub
Premier’s Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub is detoxifying and revitalizing. Just pour a handful into a hot bath and soak away your troubles. It smells like a fresh breeze, and the minerals in the salt penetrate the skin to smooth sore muscles.

The salt also acts to detoxify the skin, leading to brighter, glowing skin and posses an invigorating quality to them. The fresh lemon-breeze scent helps awaken tired muscles and freshen the mind, making this a perfect excuse for a bath in the morning. For an extra bonus, you can use the salts as a scrub to really reach deep into your skin and slough away dead skin cells.

Time to Butter Up
The perfect follow-up to the scrub is Premier’s Aromatic Body Butter in Milk and Honey scent. It combines the power of the Dead Sea with gentle jojoba oil for the best in luxurious skin care. The butter melts upon touch, and achieves deep moisturizing without leaving your skin greasy.

The hydration lasts all day even through multiple hand-washings. The scent is heavenly without overpowering your perfume. This butter is concentrated, so only a small portion is needed. This ensures that your jar holds within months of glamorous skin.

It is clear, as reviewed on Haaretz, that Premier Dead Sea is an adored and trusted brand of the finest quality body care products. Their sea salt scrub and body butter are two products that work great on their own, but form the perfect pair together. The salt refreshes the skin, while the butter locks in all the work the scrub did with intense, all-day moisture. This is a duo you don’t want to live without.