Pros and cons of website builders


The website builders have made it possible to significantly simplify and speed up the process of creating a site. This opportunity is increasingly used by a large number of novice bloggers, entrepreneurs and businessmen. However, are the website builders as attractive as it seems? Or is it not worth pursuing the simplicity and it’s better to create sites with an individual design? In this article we will try to figure that out.

Pros of website builder

Site builders have a huge number of positive sides and if you are planning to create an online store, you will surely get a number of advantages:

  • you just need to pass a simple registration, and hosting and domains will remain in the past;
  • it will cost you nothing, so do not worry about the initial capital and large investments;
  • creating a site through the service does not take much time and after an hour you can get the first version of your site;
  • if you have any questions while working with the site builder – you can ask for help contacting support;
  • since the designers have worked on creating templates, you can get a stylish website with a harmonious structure and appearance;
  • the templates already have a mechanism for processing orders, as well as accepting payments.

Cons of website builder

If it is so easy to create your own website, then why do most start-up entrepreneurs turn to web studios and invest a huge amount of money to create a website?

Of course, it’s easy to create a site with the help of a website builder, however, template sites rarely have a high rating in search results. Such sites can be easily recognized, because the template design has a standard structure. (Not all of them, though!)

So, what are the main cons of website builders?

  • you can get only domain names of the third level free of charge, this means that you can not have large revenues from this site;
  • service for the site builder can show your visitors an advertising (and if you want to get rid of these banners, you will have to pay);
  • the transfer of the site to another hosting will also require additional investments;
  • in the site builder you can create a site with limited functionality, so you will need to add additional plug-ins, scripts, etc. to the basic set;
  • reputation – users may have a prejudiced attitude to the online store, which did not invest in its development and improvement, which means that a negative perception of the resource can be formed;
  • limited opportunities for SEO promotion (behavioral factor, free domain and hosting – these are the factors that make you “weaker” than the other participants who created the site from scratch).