Seven easy ways to recognize a person with a weak character


The character is something we are all different by. As every single person on Earth is a story for itself, sometimes it is too difficult to generalize some characteristics. However, there are some indicators that vividly show whether a person has a strong character and believes in herself or it is a person with a weak character that barely has a personal opinion nor believes in herself.

Sometimes the weak character is confused with stupidity and naivety as the line between these is too thin. But there are some useful tips that you can follow and have to pay attention, or even test if you will, in order to differentiate these people from the strong ones. If it happens to you to find yourself with these characteristics, there is no room for panicking. You just have to work on yourself, especially on your self confidence in order to change this.

  1. The people with a weak character copy their idols. They don’t only admire their way of life, style or whatever but they blindly follow them. They copy what they say, they copy their way of thinking, their hairstyle, their styling. They copy basicly everything.
  2. They are not able to face and deal with the important conversations. They prefer avoiding any type of contact with the people they don’t like instead of facing them, telling them what’s the thing they don’t like about them or see how the problems could be solved. They prefer isolation because they have no courage to show their priorities and opinion.
  3. They only have selfies on the social medias. That’s the only way theyy can be popular. They spend hours and hours trying to take a beautiful picture and later count well the likes, as they seem to have greater importance to them than to an average person. They want to draw the attention towards them while in public they could barely be heard.
  4. They criticize the other people´s success behind their back. Another typical characteristic for them is being jealousе. They hate seeing other people´s success because they know that they can never achieve that level. They talk more about the people in their absence which only says more about themselve than about the person that is absent.
  5. They are unable to say “no”. They want to be liked and act kind, therefore they have no courage to say “no”. They prefer even doing things they don´t really like just to be appreciated and liked by the people around. They seem to agree with everything in many cases just because they don´t have their own opinion.
  6. They accept when someone humiliates them. As they believe more in the other people´s opinion, they accept everything they are called they are. They don´t trust enoughh in themselves so they often have doubts whether the other people appreciate and like them or not. They often look for confirmation, but accept all the negativities that are said to them, even humiliation.
  7. They are afraid to express their emotions. They are convinced that only the strong people show no emotions, therefore they try to act so. Oftentimes they are afraid of the reaction of the others, so in order not to be ridiculed they keep their feelings for themselve.