Signs that you are an intelligent woman


An intelligent woman comes to a conclusion about a man according to the compliments he pays her. A normal woman takes these compliments for granted and starts comparing herself with the other women immediatelly. Therefore if you consider yourself to be an intelligent woman, check it considering the following facts:

  1. You stay true to yourself

Sometimes it could be difficult to stay true to yourself. The lies only take away your energy. So you know it well that the only opinion that matters in this world is the one you have and all you care about is staying true to yourself.

2. The man is not the most important thing in your life

Even though you love your partner, you stick close to and love enough your job, career, your whole family, your friends and your hobies too. You know you are enough to yourself and you do not spend all the time on your partner.

3. Your emotions do not control you

Of course you have emotions too, but you do not let the emotions determine the quality of life you are going to have. You rather know how to control them and use them in your favour. You know where they come from and how to change them in an instance.

4. You are an excellent observer

You can always spot a lier. You can recognize whenever someone needs your help indeed and you are happy when you can lend a hand in order for the people around you to be happy and successful.

5.  You are fashionable

You care about the way you look. However, this does not mean that you always buy whatever’s in trend but only the things that look good on you and you need them. You know the difference and you prefer quality over quantity.

6. You have limits and you respect them

There are limits in every aspect of your life. The people around you know you have them too and how far they can go. It feels easy for you to cut off whoever disrespects and abuses them.

7. You know yourself very well

You take care about yourself and your body is part of you, therefore you make sure you look after it well. You do what’s best for you and accept nothing but what you know you deserve.

8. You are great in doing analysis

You absolutely enjoy dreaming. On the other hand you are realistic and you know how to do an excellent analysis so your plan works.

9. You live in the now

You never spend your time complaining about the past not having doubts and questioning the future. You know that your power is in the now so you give your best in the present moment and enjoy every second to the fullest.

10. You are simply a woman

You live in a harmony with yourself. You appreciat yourself. You love yourself and care about yourself. You know you matter and you know your standards. You know you are powerful and you can achieve absolutely everything. You feel so proud to be a woman.