Simple Renovation Projects You Can Do While In Isolation


The spread of the coronavirus has prompted countries from different parts of the world to require their citizens to stay at home. Most countries only allow their citizens to leave their homes if they work in the healthcare industry or if they’ll go out to buy essentials. Although staying at home might help prevent the spread of the virus, but, over time, this kind of lifestyle might bore some people out to the point of despair.

Fortunately, you won’t have to sulk all day during the coronavirus pandemic because you can still work on simple renovation projects. These DIY projects don’t require specific experience and tools, which means that everyone can do any of these in the comforts of their own home!


Listed below are some simple renovation projects you can do while in isolation.

Improve Your Storage

Aside from hiring pros, such as Watara Homes, are you aware that merely improving the storage around your home can make the entire space look and feel more spacious?  Seeing clutter in different areas of your home can cause stress to the point where you will lose the interest to stay indoors or even invite your friends over.

To make the most out of your time during isolation, work on improving your home storage. This is an important task every homeowner should accomplish before the amount of storage you have in your home can significantly affect the ambiance and functionality of your space. Regardless of how expensive your home is, if it doesn’t offer sufficient storage, selling it in the future will be tough.

There are a lot of ways on how you can improve storage at home. You can install floating shelves, use pegboards, or recycle plastics and pipes. You can even use spare items around your home, such as a spare ice cube tray or spice rack, to store some of your knickknacks.

Refresh Your Home With Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint to all of the rooms in your home is one of the easiest and cheapest renovation projects you can do anytime. As long as you have a paintbrush and enough bottles of paint for your entire home, you can accomplish this project in less than a week.

And, while you can choose whatever color you want for your home, it’s important to be careful when making a decision because different colors can evoke different emotions. You should be able to understand how color psychology works so you can choose a color that is suitable to the function and ambiance of a particular room in your house.

Update Your Kitchen And Bathroom Hardware

All of the elements in your home, regardless of how small, can affect the overall appeal of the space. It’ll be very challenging for you to achieve cohesiveness if small elements, such as your cabinet knobs and drawer handles. contrast with your desired theme or architecture.

You can prevent this from happening by updating your kitchen and bathroom hardware. Since you now have a lot of time to stay indoors, you can update your cabinet knobs and drawer handles to achieve a more modern look. You can also choose to swap your faucets, showerheads, and vanity mirrors.

These elements might be small, but replacing these with newer pieces will surely make a lot of difference to the overall appeal of your home!

Spruce Up Your Front Entry

How your home looks from the outside forms the expectations of other people about the interiors of your property. If your home’s exteriors look good, more often than not, they will think that your interiors are equally exquisite. This is an important factor to consider especially if you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood or if you want to attract homebuyers to do business with you.

The isolation is a great opportunity for you to improve your home’s exteriors. Depending on your preferences, you can paint your front door or garage door with bold colors, install a new mailbox, or plant different types of flowers in your lawn. Any of these projects will require minimal time and effort.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

All homes need lighting fixtures, but this doesn’t mean that you should install one just for the sake of it. The lighting fixtures you’ll use in your home can affect the functionality and ambiance of the space. How can you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors if your home is too dark?  How can you engage in conversations with your friends if you’re using lights that don’t set the mood?

Consider changing your lighting fixtures during the isolation. With the number of designs to choose from today, you can easily pick lighting fixtures that suit your need, budget, and desired theme.

Start Now

Regardless of the problems you usually experience at home, whether it’s about having poor storage or old design, there are simple renovation projects that can help solve these issues. Roll up your sleeves and start becoming productive during isolation by following the tips in this article!