Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your Yard Looking Impressive


Investing only in the interior can have a limiting effect on the entire aesthetics of your home. When you put effort into both the interior and exterior of your house, the merits of your effort will be quite prominent. As for yards, they can act as a versatile component to your home due to the sheer number of options available.

If you think the challenge of having an impressive yard isn’t something you’re up for, maybe rethink your strategy. Even with very minimum effort, you can have quite an accomplished yard, which is bound you bring you more than just peace of mind. 

If you’re planning to get a brand-new look for your yard, read on as I explain a few simple steps you can follow and adjust according to your needs.

  • Hydration Isn’t Crucial Only for Human Beings

If you don’t want a dull-looking yard with yellow patches, make sure to give it at least one inch of water per week. 

A trick that you can use if you don’t have a measurement option in your sprinkler or don’t have a good sense of measurement, in general, is to put a tuna can or any other container that measures about one inch in your yard. Inspect if it is full after a week. 

That way, you know that you have provided enough water for your lawn. Also, make sure to put an extra container underneath to detect excess water. If the can is flooded, then you know you’re overwatering your lawn.

  • Everything in Its Own Place

Depending on the members of your family, you could expect to see a lot of things scattered all over your yard. Take a look around; is the yard littered with toys, bikes, hula hoops, trampolines, and water guns? 

That means you either need a shed or a playground corner for all of them. Install a small storage area where you can keep all your tools and outdoor toys. 

  • Make Your Own Compost

A compost pile is a great idea if you are skeptical about mass-produced composts. There are tons of resources out there that can help guide you. Sometimes, people let it pile up in the corner of their garden, but it can be an eyesore. 

It’s better if you use a compost bin. You can put it together yourself or buy it. Compost piles have a layer of carbon, nitrogen, and soil. You can find resources online for the carbon and nitrogen sources in your garden. 

But if you have a pest problem in your yard, it’s better to use some chemicals. There are a lot of tools available to keep a yard in top shape, and you should take advantage of them.

  • Mowing / Creative Landscape

There is no other way of keeping the yard looking cleaner than to mow it regularly. Yes, we know, it is a tiresome chore, and we are all guilty of putting it off. 

If you want to avoid mowing close to trees or other landscaping features, one way is to use mulch, which is quite inexpensive and can be used for various purposes. With the help of mulch, you can create a few islands around any big tree or other items you may have in the yard. 

  • Regular Trims

Don’t get lazy when it comes to trimming the branches. If they get too unruly, you’ll have to work extra hard to tame them. Needless to say, you shouldn’t let diseased branches hang around for too long as they will endanger the entire lawn. 

If you’re feeling too lazy to trim, there are a lot of wonderful trimming services you can take advantage of. 

  • Be Proactive About Weeds

One of the most frustrating parts of gardening is probably taking care of the weeds. They pop back up in no time, and calculating the inordinate amount of time spent behind weeding can astonish you. 

It’s easy to shrug off such problems, but if you do that, bigger problems will await you. 

Think of weeding as a satisfying exercise where you get to tear off the intruders. It is better to make it a weekly chore. Also, try not to get worked up over one or two ugly weeds rearing their heads – their time will come!

  • Major Seasonal Cleaning

A major clean up cannot be put off until spring. You need to get out there and do a thorough cleaning at least 3 times a year.

With the seasonal changes, you will have a lot of unexpected problems in your yard, like debris piling up in your garden after winter and dampness from the melted snow. 

Do not put away the cleanup for early spring. If you think about it, doing it once every year can be way more tiresome than doing it seasonally. 

  • Keep Your Patio Furniture Clean

No matter how impressive your garden looks, if your patio furniture looks worn out, it can dampen the entire look. You need to be careful as good patio furniture can be quite expensive, and you don’t want to display furniture with signs of wear and tear. 

It is better to keep rain and dust covers handy and keep them protected whenever you’re not using them. That way, you can guarantee to uphold their quality for a long time. 

You also need to do occasional cleaning because keeping them covered isn’t a foolproof plan, and it can be quite tricky to do this, especially if you have kids.

  •  Some Training for Your Pooch Is Required

Imagine walking into the yard one day after a major cleanup only to find everything in shambles…

Yes, we all know you love your pooch, but without proper training, s/he can ruin your cherished yard. Potty training is very important as the urine can ruin your shrubs.

Do not let your dog have free reign. Careless dogs can completely ruin the image of your yard. 

  • Put in a Rock Garden 

This is the prettier version of mulch. Putting in a rock garden can again reduce the effort you have to put in for mowing. 

Doing a combination of mulch, small rocks, and some decorational pieces can really change the look. You can even use that as a focal point for your lawn, and some strategic placing would make your landscape work much easier.

  • Cut the Grass Tall 

While mowing, you should never cut the grass very short. It has a negative effect on the appearance of your lawn, and it is not helpful for the growth of the grass itself. Grass can develop longer roots when allowed to grow a little, and with longer roots, they will be more vibrant and healthy. 

Regular mowing to trim the tip is the best way to go about it. To avoid cutting the grass too short, adjust the height setting on your lawn mower. Try to follow a schedule to get the perfect height every time. 

We understand it is very difficult to manage all the steps mentioned above but think about all the money you’d have to spend if your yard was destroyed by waterboarding, over-fertilization, or pesticides. 

A little care each day is the best solution to avoid such circumstances.