Small Space Style on a Limited Budget


Small spaces are a big deal in the decorating world at the moment. In part, this is because of the tiny house movement but it also has to do with people feeling the need to downsize in general. Moving to more budget-friendly spaces and focusing on personal freedom and authenticity has become more important than a trendy address and excess floor space for many people. For others, it is necessity driven due to a still struggling economy. Regardless of the reason, one is living in a small space, there are plenty of ways to make it feel welcoming and put together.

Room Dividers

It can be difficult to create different zones in small homes. Apartments and homes that have an entirely open floor plan benefit tremendously from room dividers. A room can be divided in a number of ways. One of the most popular is by building an open faced shelving unit. Once the shelves are filled they act as a visual divider between two areas such as a living space and bedroom.

Unfortunately, this can take up room some places simply can’t afford to lose. A stylish alternative is hanging room dividers. These can be attached to the ceiling and come in a variety of colors. They are reminiscent of floor to ceiling curtains and provide complete visual separation from two distinct areas. This is especially nice for those who want their bedroom to have a different décor than the main part of the home.

Vertical Storage

When your floorplan is on the small size, it is a good idea to look at the walls and ceiling for additional space. For instance, a cathedral ceiling means you can almost certainly create a loft area for the bed. This will leave the actual floor free to be devoted to daily living activities.

Even if you have a standard ceiling, walls should be considered valuable real estate. Shelving of different sizes makes it possible to double or triple your storage space and provides an element of depth to your décor. Picture ledges are great in bathrooms to hold excess toiletries, makeup, and manicure supplies. They can be used in hallways or entryways to display books or function as a landing zone.

Twelve to fourteen inch open shelves can function as kitchen cabinetry, bookshelves, or even an open closet. In order to maximize their potential, consider using baskets or lidded boxes to corral items that would typically go in drawers

DIY Projects

Even people who have never before considered sewing a throw pillow or refinishing an old table can find inspiration and advice on sites such as Pinterest and YouTube. Pinterest is a great source for visually browsing to find the styles you are interested in and then the resources for making it yourself. When searching for a specific project be sure to add terms such as hack, DIY, tutorial, and easy to your search. This will help ensure you find the most useful information and not just styling tips.

Limited space shouldn’t be considered a hardship. Rather, it is a challenge to limit belongings to only those items that bring joy and functionality to the home. With creative storage solutions and attention to detail, it is possible to create a welcoming and spacious living space no matter the size.