Spray Waxes – Making your Car Shine with the Best Products


Warmer seasons provide the perfect opportunity to wax your vehicle and help to protect it from road grime, sun, pollen and bugs. Different spray waxes can be compared, evaluated and tested for ease of use, scratch resistance and durability.

Before you purchase a car wax, it is important to note that finding the best wax goes beyond opting for premium wax brands over lower-priced alternatives. There are moderately priced products that score high ratings. Cost is a factor but there are many other things that buyers need to take into account.

Significance of Paint Finish

When you buy a car, one of the first impressions you get is the paint finish. Even with an extensive list of features pertaining to the vehicle, the initial appearance of the car grabs your attention. People are visual and this is explains why a significant percentage of the cost of car factories is their paint finish systems.

Vehicle manufacturers are aware that perceptions of the paint finish affect sales. The quality, vividness and color of the paint are a crucial factor. A car wax guide can be useful for giving you the information you need to ensure that your spray wax purchase is the right choice for your automobile.

Evolution of Car Finishes

  • The history of automotive paint dates back several years. While people have been coating stone, wood and metal for centuries, specific coats for motor vehicles were considered much later. Early coatings featured varnish products that were used in the horse and carriage industry.
  • Paint systems are currently better for cars and the environment. They consist of high levels of durability, gloss, clarity, depth and extraordinary colors. Despite these impressive movements, new car finishes still need to be waxed and maintained.
  • Although new vehicle technologies provide a longer lasting finish, paintwork is vulnerable to oxidizing and environmental conditions. Your paint needs regular care, including spray car wax. Wax coating are not necessarily formulated for particular manufacturers’ paints.

Waxes for Different Cars

The concept of a wax being specifically produced for a model and make of car appears to be baseless. Car owners need to know there is no proven basis for specially formulated wax blends according to the car model or brand. Find the best spray waxes here.

Protecting Clear Coat

You can use car wax for clear coat finishes as long as the cleaner wax is not excessively abrasive. Cleaner waxes are linked conventional finishes that need more scrubbing to get rid of stains and heavy oxidization. Soft cleaners are ideal for a clear coat because they polish lightly.

Waxing Frequency

  • Waxing as often as recommended is important for most climate conditions. Lack of waxing exposes your paint to the possibility of premature deterioration that results form oxidation.
  • Pure car wax products that do not contain cleaners can be used frequently.
  • Spray waxes require minimal effort while offering protection and durability in varying environmental and climate conditions.

Improving the Shine on Cars

The tradition of waxing has endured for many years as an effective way to protect paint on vehicles. Your car consists of a thick multilayered finish, from primer to top clear coat. No matter how fine the finish may be, it can deteriorate and become dull. Bird droppings, insect fluids, air pollution, salt, rain and ultraviolet rays constantly compromise your car’s finish.

  • Waxing gives a transparent and easily renewable barrier between the car’s finish and the harsh environment. Spray wax also makes both old and new cars look better.
  • Quality car waxes often combine enriching oils and protective formulas to moisten the surface and create a high-gloss shine.
  • Waxes may be made from natural wax or acrylic resins and synthetic polymers.
  • Spray waxes make the car’s surface reflect more light and create a vibrant appearance.
  • Natural based waxes can produce a richer, darker and deeper shine on red, black and other dark colors. Synthetic waxes are known for their durability and long lasting effect.

Choosing Spray Waxes

Depending on how thorough and fast you are, the vehicle size and product, you can spend a reasonable amount of time waxing your car effectively. Spray waxes are products that provide a protective and glossy coating that may remove embedded contaminants and oxidation.

  • If your car is a couple of years old with a good finish, a spray wax is sufficient. This type of product is suited to occasional applications.
  • Fast spray wax treatments freshen up the car’s appearance. They help to preserve your car’s finish over time.
  • Wax packaging often indicates whether the product can safely be used on clear coat finishes.
  • Spray waxes are ideal for new cars that have great finishes. They are also convenient, compatible with plastic, easy to use and effective for spot waxing. They can be applied quickly and wiped off without drying.