The 5 biggest beauty trends predicted for 2019


With 2018 coming to an end, there is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your beauty game for 2019.

2018 presented us with the shampoo bar, a huge spike in rose-brown hair, a mass adoration for Rihanna’s Fenty make-up range and the return of not only lip gloss but also the claw clip! So what can we expect in 2019?

We’ve compiled a list of the five biggest beauty trends predicted for 2019.


1. Lilac hair

In 2016, smokey lilac hair received slight attention but in 2019, it’s looking likely to be far more popular. We can wave goodbye to rose-brown hair and welcome straight-up lilac hair back. Pinterest searches have rocketed almost 1100% so it may be time to book that hairdresser appointment and get involved with what just may be the biggest beauty trend of the year.

2. Witch hazel

There’s a reason your mother always gave you witch hazel to fight those teenage blemishes. Skincare should always eclipse your make-up routine, simply using a gentle cleanser will help to clear your skin of oil, dirt and pathogens whilst regularly moisturizing will help to maintain your skin’s natural defence mechanisms against infection and the elements of harsh weather, minimizing any blemishes. Follow the crowd and make witch hazel a part of your 2019 beauty routine.

Tropic Skincare possess a number of award winning products within their beauty and skincare range and can certainly help you stay ahead of your 2019 beauty game.

3. Out there nails

Everybody who regularly gets their nails done is guilty of sticking with the safe option of nude. That said, New York Fashion Week may just be paving the way for all or nothing nails. The biggest fashion week of the year often tends to showcase some outlandish nail art and it is a trend that is looking likely to make its way into the spring/summer season of 2019.

There is plenty to choose from as well, animal print is huge at the moment and you can bet your bottom dollar we’re going to some leopard print talons next year, as well as some orbit nails and gem-adorned almond shapes. Less is more is no longer a mantra applicable to your nails.

4. Natural lash lifts

Lash extensions have proved a huge hit in 2018 but what about lash lifts? Whilst effective and certainly helping to enhance your natural lashes, lash lifts aren’t always practical or cost effective, some of us just don’t have that time or money. Thankfully, natural lash lifts are set to go big next year. Grapeseed oil and aloe vera may just head your 2019 shopping list.

5. Headbands

Over the past few seasons, we have experienced a growing trend in hair accessories and the claw clip of 90s made a return. So, what’s next on the horizon? The season of the headband is undoubtedly upon us so get yours now. In the spring/summer season we’re likely to see everything from the heavily-embellished to the elasticised sports style to the studded satin.