The Advantages of Skillion Roofs


Skillion roofs have flat surfaces that differ from conventional flat roofs in that the pitch is steeper and more noticeable. Such roofs are standalone, which is why they are also known as mono-pitched roofs.

The following are the top advantages of installing a skillion roof on your garden shed.

Easy to Install

Skillion roofs are easy to install because they have a single panel. Moreover, you can quickly adjust the pitch of the roof without having concerns about space. This means that you can install the roof yourself, which in turn saves the money that you would have otherwise used to hire a professional.


If you’re on a shoestring budget, it would be best if you purchased a skillion roof. Since they have a single panel, they require fewer materials to install than other types of roofs. As a result, you spend a lower amount of money to get them on your garden shed.

It Suits Minimalists

Skillion roofs are the perfect fit for minimalists. Despite having a small design, these roofs can accommodate most of the features you would find in a conventional roof. The simple outlook also means that skillion roofs can fit on any shed, regardless of the space available. 

It is Solar-Friendly

The pitch on skillion roofs makes them an ideal platform for placing solar panels. The slope ensures that the sun’s rays hit the panels at a perfect angle. In areas that get an adequate amount of sunlight, such roofs can provide a way of generating power for domestic use, provided you buy the solar panels. Besides saving money, using solar energy also conserves the environment.

Excellent Drainage

Another advantage of the skillion roof is its excellent drainage. The steep angle ensures that snow and rainwater runoff quickly. Even better, the absence of pools and ridges means that you do not experience the challenge of pooled water. You also save the money that would have otherwise been used for waterproofing.

It is Compatible with Skylights

Besides solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bill by making the most use of natural light. Skillion roofs allow you to utilize natural light sources because they have a long slope with a low pitch. The angle also protects the shed from excessive sunlight and offers shade at particular times of the day. 

It Allows the Collection of Rainwater

Water is integral for the survival of your garden plants. When you install a gutter alongside your skillion roof, it becomes easier to collect rainwater that you can use to grow your plants. The water is also useful in keeping your lawn green. 

Skillion roofs are gaining popularity because they are affordable and easy to install. On the downside, they tend to have a low ceiling. That said, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, which makes them a viable option.

When shopping for a skillion roof, prioritize the quality of the material over its aesthetic appeal. This ensures that you pick a robust product that will last for long without needing repairs or replacement.