The Benefits of Physical Therapy


Whether you have had an injury in an accident, have spent a lifetime seated at your desk, or are just getting older and are starting to experience pain, physical therapy could come in handy for you. Physical therapy is designed to regain mobility and function in a part of the body while relieving pain and mitigating discomfort. In addition to treating injuries and their aftermath, there are plenty of benefits to physical therapy. Below are some of the advantages of the practice.

Treat Injuries

Physical therapy is perhaps known most for treating injuries after an accident in a sport, in a car accident, or an at-work injury. Typically, after a car accident, people will attend physical therapy, otherwise known as PT, to work through their injuries. Whether it’s a broken arm that needs to regain function or a back that needs continuous treatment to avoid pain and discomfort, the biggest benefit of PT is that these therapists can help their patients work through injuries and regain function in the part of the body and decrease the amount of pain that the person is in. Treating injuries is paramount to the practice of PT.

Regain Function

Even if there wasn’t an accident, PT can help a patient regain function in a limb or another part of their body. Whether it’s through a disease or the person was born with degenerative conditions, a physical therapist can help these patients get the most out of their body. Everyone is different, with various drawbacks and advantages, but if you see a PT regularly you can improve the function of your body in general. There doesn’t even have to be an accident, disease, or condition. If you have simply been sitting at a desk for most of your life, you could have done a number on your back. A PT can help you gain function in your back again.

Relieve Pain

Through consistent and effective methods, a physical therapist can help their patients relieve pain. Sometimes pain is counter intuitive. You may need to push the limits of pain frequently to rebuild the tissue and mitigate pain in a particular area of the body. Nowadays, there is a willingness to treat pain with opioid painkillers. This isn’t the way to go. With pills that relieve pain, the feeling is simply ignored. It isn’t that the pain is going away. It’s that the brain is not experiencing it. There is an epidemic across the country of people becoming addicted to these painkillers. Whatever reason you are in pain, don’t go for the “easy” way out. Instead, go to physical therapy and do some real work to mitigate pain and discomfort.

Get an Assessment

When you are working with a physical therapist, they will be able to give you an assessment on your physical situation. They will test the limits of your pain, see if a part of your body is functioning correctly, and how you will be able to improve your overall physical situation. You will know exactly what is going on with your body when you see a physical therapist who can give you a proper assessment.

They are Localized

Finally, the last benefit of physical therapy is that it is localized. You don’t have to live somewhere specific if you want to see a physical therapist. Whether you want to go to physical therapy in Avon, CT, New York City, New Jersey, or anywhere else in the Tri-state area, there are plenty of options for PT. You will be able to find the right physical therapist wherever you are in the country. It’s a huge benefit. You won’t have to go through a rigmarole to find a great physical therapist.

Whether you are in pain, need to gain function in a part of your body, or are trying to strengthen your overall body, physical therapy has many benefits. With all the advantages of seeing a physical therapist, one could argue most people would get something out of the experience. When you consistently work on your body and its flaws, you will be able to create a happier, healthier life. Physical therapy could be just the beginning of you finding your stride and overcoming physical issues that you may have.