The Benefits of Raised Access Flooring for Air Ventilation 


A new trend in building construction today involves raised access flooring. Such floor systems are raised in order to provide building owners with an underfloor alternative for building services. This can include wiring, cable distribution and HVAC system needs. When it comes to air ventilation, the raised floor system is essential in saving money as well as lowering energy usage. Building owners are opting for this system to improve building operations and achieve a maximum return on investment via HVAC operations. 


Underfloor Air Distribution System

To achieve better air ventilation in a commercial space, raised access floors can be installed with HVAC under floor air distribution systems. Such systems can help to configure office space or commercial workspaces in the best manner for day to day operations as well as cost savings. 

Solutions provided by AirFixture UFAD can offer benefits via an Underfloor Air Distribution System. Such benefits include reduced energy usage. Every business owner wants to save money and with less energy costs, the more money can be set aside and put to other uses. 

With this system, the building will also see improved ventilation efficiency and indoor air quality. For a facility to offer a healthy and comfortable environment, air quality is key. With solid indoor air quality, a facility will see less sickness and higher productivity levels. Less allergens will be in the air and the spread of viruses and germs will decrease. 

Additional benefits include flexibility for relocating wiring and other business services. When operating an office space, having an underfloor system is beneficial in hiding wiring and cables, so that the floor space is neat and tidy with a quality appearance. 

Lowering Installation Costs

Any business owner who has constructed a building from the ground up or renovated a space knows that air ventilation systems have a high price point. It can cost thousands of dollars to prepare a space for HVAC needs. With the raised access floor system, the initial cost of installation is lowered significantly, saving building owners money from the beginning. 

The trunk, branch and discharge ductwork needs are reduced, which lowers the cost of installation. The space is also easily used to provide area for the network of ductwork to be installed, which speeds up the installation process. 

In no time, a new system is installed, costing less and then saving money from the initial start of operation. Components can easily be reached for any repair or maintenance needs, ensuring overall quality operation of the air ventilation system. 

Overall, this type of system can reduce energy costs of up to 30%. This can be significant savings particularly in larger commercial spaces. With the raised floor system, air quality is improved with better ventilation along with eliminating the need for suspended ceilings. Better access to building services is provided, making it easier to operate on a day to day basis. 

Whether you are considering a renovation or a new construction, an underfloor air distribution system is a quality option to consider. Learning more about this system can show any building owner the benefits of increased air ventilation via this unique air distribution option.