The Easiest Way to Sell Your Home


Whether you are moving to a bigger house as your family grows, a smaller one as the kids move out, to a new city for an exciting career opportunity, or just want to cash out some equity, the process of selling a home has remained essentially the same for many years. If everyone has a unique reason for selling their home and the circumstances of each sale are unique, shouldn’t the process be tailored to your needs? Now, it can be. 

If you want the easiest way to sell my home, keep reading!

Preparing Your Home

Potential homebuyers should be able to visualize your home as their own. Take time to prepare the house by removing items that make it feel like yours, such as photographs and personal items that clutter the space. Make sure all rooms, including closets, are well organized. The better organized the home, the more it says about how well you took care of it. You can also show potential buyers how well you took care of it by deep cleaning from top to bottom, repainting the house inside and out, and making minor repairs and updates.

Open Houses and Showings

There’s no better way to announce that your home is for sale than to welcome visitors to see it in person. This is typically one of the first steps homeowners will take in listing their home for sale, primarily because neighbors and those passing through the area will see yard signs announcing the open house or the sale. Announce on social media, in the newspaper, and on popular real estate websites to start the selling process quickly.

HomeLister Live Tours

Not everyone can make it to an open house or is local to see a home in person. Virtual tours like the Matterport 3D virtual tours offered through HomeLister allow more people to experience the place up close without having to see it in person. A virtual tour can help buyers see immediately if the home will work for their needs before setting up a showing, saving you and the buyer precious time. It can also showcase the home’s many great features and make a potential buyer even more excited to see the house up close.

Put Your House on the MLS

A Realtor or a home listing service can add your home to the MLS, or multiple listing service, where it is viewed by other licensed agents searching for homes for their clients. Many homebuyers choose to work with real estate agents who are always looking for houses that match their clients’ needs and will turn to the MLS to find them. You may not be able to list your home for sale on the MLS yourself, but a service such as HomeLister can help put your listing in front of hundreds of agents.

Use Real Estate Websites

Homebuyers often turn to home listing websites like Trulia, Zillow, and These websites, unlike the MLS, can be viewed by anyone with internet access. Listings include information about a house and may even have a detailed history of the property and neighborhood data such as schools and census statistics. Neighbors probably check their own homes on these sites to see their estimated value and what other properties have been listed for sale in the area.

Receive Offers, Send Counter Offers

This is the most exciting part of selling a home. Which offer do you choose? What are the terms of the sale? It’s important to review each offer, so you know what you are accepting when you sign the contract. Signing that contract is binding except for rare instances. 

Access Professional Legal Help

Not every home sale requires legal attention, but it’s nice to know you have access to legal guidance if the need arises. As offers come in, you may want an experienced lawyer to review them before making your decision. You may also want their advice when preparing a counter offer. Professional help can include drafting paperwork like legal disclosures so you can feel confident as you transition to the next step of the selling process.

Digitally Sign Documents

Once the offer has been accepted and you are comfortable with the paperwork, it’s time to sign! Signing documents digitally makes the process much more convenient for everyone involved. You may not even be in the same room when they are signed, or you may not sign them on the same day. Real estate contracts signed digitally are just as legally binding as paper documents signed before a lawyer. 

Save Big on Closing Costs

Every home selling experience is unique, and not every sale requires the exact step-by-step process that has been followed for decades. By providing a menu of services that you may need along the way, HomeLister allows you to sell your home more easily and much faster while saving you money on closing costs because you can choose the services you need and leave out the ones you don’t. 

Choose the pricing plan that fits your needs and access professional help whenever you need it along the way as you sell your home with HomeLister.