The Importance of Drainage for a Healthy Lawn


Have you ever tried to walk on a waterlogged lawn after a downpour? It isn’t pleasant, and the standing water is unhealthy for your lawn. Poor drainage is one of the biggest problems homeowners and businesses face, especially in high-rain areas. Insufficient drainage prevents oxygen from getting through the roots of your grass. This can cause spotty growth, fungus, or even death. So how does a drainage system help? Let’s find out.

How Does Drainage Work?

Drainage protects your lawn, trees, shrubs, landscape and home from excessive or pooling water. A drainage system can vary in method from yard grading and adding natural draining to creating piping under the yard. The piping method diverts water to an area where it won’t cause any damage, like a street. Many drainage systems use gravity, while others may require a pump.

Now, let’s look at the benefits a drainage system provides.


Keeps your Grass Healthy

The primary benefit of lawn drainage services is a green, rich, full lawn for years to come. With optimal soil moisture levels, your grass gets the right amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients. An increased supply of nitrogen from a balanced water table can help grass, garden, and all forms of shrubbery grow full and healthy. Plus, any rotting or fungus that occurs in excess water can be avoided with optimal drainage.

Prevents Water Damage

The damage water causes to your lawn is obvious, but the hidden costs are much higher. Running water can penetrate cracks in your home’s foundation, damaging your home at an alarming rate. Forced water can also seep into your basement and cause even more problems, especially if your basement is finished.

Prevents Standing Water Hazards

It’s common knowledge that standing water is dangerous, especially in warm, humid climates that tend to attract disease-carrying mosquitos and other bugs. Standing water can also create unsightly, dangerous puddles of water or wet surfaces where slips can occur. Ensuring that your lawn has proper drainage is an important step in keeping your home or business safe.

During a flood, plants, trees, and shrubs can be damaged or uprooted and carried away. A drainage system will help to divert excess rainwater and mitigate the damage caused by flooding. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, planting a tolerant grass like Bermuda grass will also increase grass survival chances.

Reduces Soil Erosion

When it rains, your soil is displaced and carried away to other areas of your lawn or off of your property. Soil erosion damage can be even more substantial after a large storm or during long durations of poor drainage. Without correction, soil erosion will create unleveled landscapes, soil depth problems, and other long-term damage.