The Necessity of Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys


Crimes happen everyday and deserve to be punished. However, sometimes the wrong person is charged, whether due to faulty investigation procedures or false accusations. College campuses are no exception. Sexual assault accusations are a common problem at universities and colleges. For those accused of such crimes, the consequences can be life-changing. That’s why sexual assault defense attorneys are crucial. They act as a safeguard to ensure that innocent people don’t have their lives ruined due to faulty evidence or poor investigations. 

According to attorney Felice Duffy, sexual assault can occur in many ways. Thus, it’s important to have an attorney that is able to examine your situation and see if a sexual assault actually took place. Below are several key reasons to retain a criminal defense lawyer:


If you’re charged with a criminal offense, you are entitled to an attorney. The attorney you choose can make all the difference in how your case turns out. Choosing a lawyer with lots of experience and expertise means they can anticipate the potential arguments against you and know exactly where to look for weaknesses. A large portion of the attorney’s job is to review your case thoroughly and draw up an action plan. Their ability to review your case from the perception of the prosecution is helpful to determine the best route to progress. 

Potential For Dropped Charges

If the evidence is particularly weak or speculative, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to drop charges. Furthermore, charges that are presented improperly can get dismissed. Dropped charges mean you won’t have to face trial or the life-changing consequences of a conviction.

Potential For Limiting Inadmissible Evidence

Some evidence is not legally permissible and can be thrown out by the court. For example, coerced confessions or illegal recordings would not be able to be used in your trial. An experienced sex assault lawyer can be crucial in identifying the prosecution’s evidence that needs to get discarded. 

Potential For Reduced Sentences

If you did commit a crime, it’s possible for your attorney to advocate to the judge for reduced sentencing. This may be particularly true for first-time offenders. A reduced sentence could mean less time in jail.

In the United States criminal justice system, you are innocent until proven guilty. A criminal defense lawyer can help you maintain your innocence in cases of shoddy evidence or false allegations.