The Popular Food For Summer


Summer is no longer considered a season since it is now part of every UK Citizen’s lifestyle. The beginning of summer does not only mean more outdoor activities, more festivals, more reasons to party or the perfect time to bring out your shorts and shades. It mostly stands for new experiences and opportunity to tantalise your taste buds.  How about considering this top five list of summer foods that are just a piece of cake to make. You might end up craving for more but make sure to save some recipes for next year’s summer saga.

Summer recipes mean no cooked food like crunchy salads and other yummy dishes that deserve the refreshing label. However, after a long tough day, something more comforting is better. Here are 5 best summer comfort food to enjoy, no matter what temperature it is outside.

Summer Grill

One of the best tools for making summer dinners is Grill. It is easy to use and cooks full meals in a flash. Want something easy? Get some meat from the store, marinate it with the special ingredients and leave it for a couple of hours. You have all your time to relax and when dinner time is here, just hop to the backyard and allow the meat to grill. What could be best for it is some fruits salads and French fries? You can use the delicious grill recipes as inspiration for your meals for summer. An evening in the garden with a few friends and a couple of cocktails.

Pasta salad

Have you ever heard of a backyard barbecue without a big bowl of pasta salad? Well, pasta salad is a must for the summer season. Be it in a backyard barbecue or packing food for work. Easy to make, pasta salad can be made with different ingredients. You can easily find these ingredients in any food store and it takes only a couple minutes to be ready. You can also make different pasta salads in a day and store it in the fridge and use them for several days and occasions.


There is no right way to eat potatoes. It can be eaten in different ways. Best for summer is potato salads. Just steamed or boiled potatoes and a few ingredients and the salad are ready. You also have the famous potato wedges that you can prepare for a get-together and other occasions. For the potato wedges, you simply need potatoes, bread crumbs egg is optional and sprinkles some paprika powder at the end.

Apple Salad

Summer is here, apple can fit in in every salad. Chicken salad or a mix fruit salad, apple can fit in perfectly. Imagine some slices of grilled chicken with a few slices of apple that change the whole taste to make it more summer labelling. Also, the delicious apple salad including cranberries, walnuts and a few that are sweet enough can pass for a desert.  It can just be the perfect one for summer.

Brussels Sprouts/ Vegetable salad

Enjoy the taste of Brussels Sprouts this summer. These amazing brussels sprouts salads can be extremely delicious and good for all of us as well as very nutritious and easy to make. Even the most sceptical at the family table will be satisfied with the chock-full of seasonal and healthy vegetables. Some boiled eggs can also be a yummy add on to the vegetable salad that will fill you up.

Tip: Pizza is also a good choice for summer! Why? It’s easy to cook and so yummy and crunchy. You can basically add anything you fancy. Fresh veggies, grilled meat or chicken, lots of fragrant basil, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes you name it! Want to find out more on the spot-on ingredient combo? Check out Pizza Polooza Jackpot Slot at!