The science of working remotely


Remote work is no longer a choice but a need that has taken us by surprise and literally changed the way we work. Learn how to properly manage new data so that your new work environment does not turn into a “home prison”.

After all, can remote work be (and is) a good thing? The answer is yes as long as it is done correctly. Let’s start with the good news. A Stanford University study conducted in 2015 on a sample of 500 employees showed that teleworking increased productivity by a factor of 20 to 30 percent. But many more similar surveys conducted by large companies show that distance work not only benefits a company financially but often makes employees happier.

In reality, however, international studies show that in most cases, people work harder and much more efficiently when they can work from home. Take yourself as an example; how many hours was your work laptop up and running last year? What time of night did you send the last email? We bet that even then someone answered you! But how can we make our work more relaxed, easier and more productive?

Work in a nice environment

In order to work efficiently from home, it is crucial to create a conducive environment. For example, try to make a dedicated space where you can store your documents, hold conferences or virtual meetings. Decorate it.

And if after the period of house arrest you continue to work full distance, be sure to enrich your working hours with a variety of places:

  • Sometimes try to go to a quiet cafe to work.
  • Meet a colleague to work together.
  • Make video calls to get to know a partner better. And of course, make a schedule to separate your work responsibilities from household ones.

The variety in the spaces and the variety in the content of the work can be a great way to refill your day with energy.

Treat it as a “normal” job

You can stay in your pyjamas, but this is not a good idea. Get up, get ready, have your breakfast and dress like you used to go to work normally. Do not forget the makeup; it writes very nicely on camera.

Equip yourself with the right technology

To have the right result for your work from home, you must have the necessary technology to perform your tasks. Examine your work-related communication needs (e.g., access to your office voicemail, headset and camera for virtual calls), the appropriate software on your laptop or other devices, access to files you may need during work, connectivity to manage your daily business.

For example, if you are a voice actor, you must have all the appropriate recording and mixing equipment to be able to work from home. This will not only give you more flexibility and freedom of movement but will definitely make your job easier by increasing your productivity. By turning to the Voquent company, you will be able to undertake dozens of professional projects from your home, making a significant amount of money to live comfortably.

Ensure comfort and quiet

It is very important that your workplace is comfortable and quiet to minimize distractions and be able to “welcome” your co-workers with dignity and professionalism. Do not work from the bedroom; it is possible that your work stress will be transferred there, and you will soon suffer from various sleep disorders.

Maintain a consistent routine when possible

This routine should include specific hours of sleep-wake, exercise, and time to take care of other programs, such as if you have children. Creating and maintaining these rhythms will help the whole family maintain a sense of normality. It is also helpful to create a coordinated schedule for everyone in order to maintain a work-life balance.