Ticket to Ride – 5 Ways to Afford That Dream Vacation Without Landing in Nightmare Debt

Source: sarahbernier3140 / Pixabay

Most people will admit, with a weary look in their eyes, that they are long overdue for a holiday. Busy schedules, lousy timing, and a lack of money can all contribute to missed opportunities and vacation-less years at home. If debt has been holding you back, or at least a fear of it, then read on. We’re about to fill you in on five ways you’ll be able to afford your dream vacation without a mountain of debt to go with it.

Responsible Loans

Many people fall for the seemingly easy option of paying for their holiday with a credit card. After all, this can come with some great deals and encouraging promotions. However, as the old saying goes: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

A safer option is to compare cash loans from reputable lenders who don’t wish to encourage crippling debt or unmanageable repayment terms. The terms are crystal clear, the interest rates reasonable, and there are no interest-hungry sharks to contend with.

Don’t Rush It

You might be in desperate need of a holiday, but don’t rush it. Poor planning can lead to terrible decision-making and high debt levels. When you start thinking about a trip away, begin by researching, not executing. 

Think about affordable destinations, how much money you need to save, and the best time of year to travel. The more time you put into the planning phase, the more money you can save. Traveling on a whim can be exciting, but reality sets in once you arrive back home in debt.

Seek Out Deals  

Travel deals are everywhere, but it can take a lot of internet-surfing to find the best ones. Consider the benefits of purchasing package deals with flights, rental cars, and accommodation, instead of all three separately. If you’re traveling interstate by car, consider the benefits of a rental service that offers affordable one-way travel to get their vehicle back to the correct base. You can save thousands of dollars by waiting for the best deals to arise.

Time it Right  

Timing is everything when you’re in need of a vacation. You might feel like you need a break now, but peak season pricing says differently. If you want more bang for your buck, then choose your time of year wisely.

The warmer months of the year tend to be more popular with summer travelers, which results in demand driving up pricing. The colder months, however, offer similar tourist experiences, but with a smaller price tag. What’s more, those popular tourist hot-spots are nowhere near as crowded!

Sell Unwanted Possessions

Cash loans and frugal spending can put more money in the kitty, but so too can selling off your unwanted possessions. No-one is exempt from impulse buys, but your clutter could quickly become cash.

Sell off those TV commercial steak knives that failed to cut through steel like they said they could. Get rid of those fancy golf clubs you’ve never used. Say goodbye to all those home renovation tools you’ve never taken out of the box. You’ll be amazed at how much money you accumulate to spend on your vacation.

Everyone’s financial situation is different, but that dream vacation might be closer than you think. Be patient, seek out the best deals, and make sure you time your holiday for the more affordable seasons. You could even get away a little sooner by selling off a few possessions. You may not be able to go away right away, but you can avoid a huge credit card bill by being a little more patient and responsible.