Tiny Windowsill Plants You Will Love To Have In Your Home


A little bit of greenery will make your home more welcoming and lively, so how about you make some indoor gardens. They can be quite versatile and you can set them anywhere you want. They should get the right amount of light, so it is always better if you place them close to a window. So, the windowsill is perfect for growing healthy plants. Today, we have chosen several tiny windowsill plants that you will love to have in your home too.

Windowsills receive full light and are the best spot for plants who need great amount of Sun light. You can easily make a windowsill garden by taking cuttings from some indoor or outdoor plants and rooting them in water. Cut a 3- or 4-inch stem with a knife, strip off the bottom leaves and put the cut stem in a small container of water. Just make sure to change the water in the containers weekly. Windowsill plants are alternative to growing plants indoors during the cold months. And after that you can easily transplant them into containers and place them outdoors for the summer.

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Types of Windowsill Plants

Although, the windowsill is the perfect spot for growing plants, there are certain types of plants that are often used. Such plants can be cactus, succulents, umbrella plants, Geraniums, air plants, Crotons etc. Cactus and succulents require very little watering. And due to their interesting texture and shape they are quite eye-catching. If you wish to add some colors, then you can choose Crotons. They have colorful foliage and are great for decorating the windowsill.

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The plants can be great decoration for the windowsill, but you can choose some eye-catching containers. For instance, instead of plain terracotta pots, you can choose some colorful ones. Or you can even grow them in some containers made of tin cans, mason jars etc. And if you want to be more creative, you can use some mugs as containers, that together make a saying or some word, like this one below.

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windowsill plants
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Windowsill plants are perfect way for growing indoor plants. So, you may consider adding some into your home too. Tell us in the comments which one from the above windowsill plants did you like the best. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other cool ideas for your home decor.