Tips for Choosing the Right Car Repair Shop


Whether you’ve hit a snag or your car is due for a once over, taking it to the right car repair shop is important. Not only can you trust the panel beater, but the right auto repair shop can mean the difference between roadworthiness and disaster. That said, we look into some of the best ways you can find the right accident repair shop that can give your automobile the love it deserves. 

1. Ask your family and friends

The best source of truthful and honest information would be your closest circle. Ask friends and relatives, who own cars, who their trusted car repair company is and where they take their vehicles when they need repairs done. They will be more than eager to spill the tea about where you should take your vehicle and where not to. Moreover, you can get pieces of information, like who charges more and who does a better job at what. They’ll point you in the right direction, so your car doesn’t get unnecessarily manhandled and unnecessary repairs don’t get added to your final invoice. 

Your friends and family won’t lie to you. Trust that you’re getting information from them, with you and your car’s best interest in mind. 

2. Read online reviews

If you don’t know anyone who might have had their car fixed recently, you can always try searching the web. 

A lot of car repair companies are marketing their businesses online. Other than their social media pages and websites, these businesses will most likely advertise on different platforms, like Yelp or Google. Check the reviews and you’ll be surprised at how candid customers can get. And because some companies manipulate feedback, make sure to take them with a grain of salt. 

Nevertheless, you’ll find that the review section is a treasure trove of information. For obvious reasons, avoid panel repair companies that have a lot of negative reviews and stick to the ones that have positive ratings. 

3. Check for panel beating services

Not all car body shops are made equal, some are better equipped than others. On that note, different auto repair companies will offer different kinds of services. Those that use proper panel beating equipment like body files, bumping files, and panel beating hammers will definitely offer more comprehensive services in terms of restoring your vehicle than those without. Make sure you check what kind of smash repair services they offer before you take your vehicle to a auto body shop. You don’t want to end up taking your car to a garage who do not offer the service your car needs. 

Taking your car to a service center that uses more modern equipment may cost more but you’re sure that your vehicle gets the best kind of treatment possible. 

4. Compare rates

When you’ve done your research, make sure to keep tabs on car repair shop rates. Remember, rates may vary depending on the equipment they use, the quality of the components involved in the repair process and so on. Make sure you are reasonable when judging between panel shops as several factors can affect their quote. Try to look for at least three candidates and choose among them which gives you the best bang for your buck. 

Some car repair companies are also willing to work with your budget. Do give them a call or pay them a visit and ask for a quote. They will be more than happy to give you an estimate of the repair. Also, make sure you leave room for more budget as there could be unforeseen costs along the way. 

5. Check for proper qualifications

Apart from the repair shop’s reputation, you’d want to check its panel beater’s qualifications. Companies with panel beaters that are years in service are typically a good sign. They will most likely know what to do and have come across the same issue as your car, or at least have an idea of how to fix it. Moreover, the fact that they’ve been with the service center for years means that they’re good at what they do – probably too good to be let go. 

Also, check if the people in the repair shop are courteous. Observe if they show genuine concern towards your vehicle. If they do, then it is very likely that they are the right people to repair your car. 


With a lot of panel beater companies around today, finding the right car company might prove to be a challenge. Follow these simple, but tried and tested tips on how you can choose the right vehicle repair shop.