Sourdough Bread and Recipe


So today we will be learning about how to bake a special type of bread known as sourdough. Oakland county moms love to bake this bread, which is made using sourdough because it offers more value than conventional bread. For example, it’s easier to digest, has a lower glycemic index, and higher in prebiotics than conventional bread. 

How To Make Sourdough Bread

While sourdough bread requires between 24 hours 45 minutes and 48 hours 45 minutes to prepare, the loaf is fairly easy to bake. What takes much time is the dough fermentation process. If you have readily fermented dough, it only takes between 45 and 50 minutes to bake. 

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1 Loaf Sourdough Bread Recipe

i. Prep time: 24-48 hours.

ii. Cook time: 45-50 minutes.

iii. Yields: 1 loaf of sourdough bread. 

What You Will Need

i. A loaf pan. 

ii. An oven. 

iii. Aluminum foil. 

iv. A serrated knife or lame, sharp knife. 

v. A set of oven gloves. 

vi. A baking tray. 

vii. A bread knife. 


i. 700 grams. already made sourdough(You can check with your meal kit provider to see if they provide some. If not, you can order some online. These are readily available in many online stores that deal in pastry or baking ingredients). 

ii. 4 tbsp.butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, or any essential oil of your choice. 


Step 1: First, grease the dough pan(both the surface and sides) with oil. 

Step 2: Next, unpack the sourdough and place it into the dough pan.

Step 3: Then, heat the oven to 500°Fahrenheit. 

Step 4: Before placing the pan into the oven, score the surface of the dough, using the knife. 

When first placed in the oven, bread dough will have an “oven spring” effect whereby it will rapidly expand. Scoring is important here because it controls this expansion and prevents the loaf from cracking. 

Step 5: Now, cover the top part of the dough with aluminum foil to prevent the darkening of the dough once you place the pan into the oven.

Step 6: Thereafter, place the pan into the oven and bake the dough for 20.

Step 7: Then, lower the temperature to 450°F and bake further for another 10 minutes. N/B: Don’t check the loaf at this point, however tempted you might feel.

Step 8: Now, remove the aluminum foil and continue baking for 15 to 20 minutes more. N/B: Uncovering the dough will help release any steam accumulated in the loaf pan. 

At this point, the loaf should be just starting to show a golden color. It should have a dry surface and have expanded. If that’s exactly the case in your process, then you are on the right track towards having a delicious loaf of sourdough bread. But if it’s not, it means there’s something you’ve done wrong. The chances of the bread coming out nicely or backfiring are 50-50. But don’t beat yourself too hard for that because it’s normal to get it wrong the first time.

Step 9: Next, continue to bake the bread(uncovered) for another 15 to 20 minutes, or until the crust is fully browned and just short of burnt. N/B: While it might feel a little weird to bake bread to this point, this is where the ultimate flavor and texture of the crust lies.

Step 10: Once the loaf is fully baked, turn off the oven and remove the loaf pan, setting it aside to cool off. N/B: Be sure to put on your oven gloves before lifting the pan out of the oven to avoid getting your hand burnt. Once the pan cools off, remove the bread simply by turning the pan upside down over the baking tray. 

Step 11: Using the knife, gently slice the loaf into as many slices as desired. 

Step 12: Now, apply butter, margarine, jam, or any other spread of your choice to the slices and serve with tea, coffee, or any other breakfast beverage of your choice while still warm. 

Home-baked bread tastes a lot better than store-bought bread. It is warm and crunchy on the outside but fabulously soft-textured on the inside. 


i. Is eating warm bread bad for you? 

Answer: NO. It is important to understand the difference between “Hot” and “Warm”. While HOT bread is unfavorable for your health because of how bad it reacts to the digestive process, warm bread isn’t. 

ii. How do I distinguish between warm bread and hot bread?

Answer: It’s pretty simple; warm bread has temperatures that range from 20 to 25 degrees while hot bread has a temperature above 25 degrees. 

iii. What’s the point of baking when I can easily purchase my sourdough bread at my nearest supermarket?

Answer: Well, there are several benefits you can enjoy by choosing to bake as opposed to buying one. For example, you will enjoy high-quality bread not to mention that you could save money in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Sourdough is the most favorite bread option and bread lovers in general. This bread that is made with sourdough is better than conventional bread in many ways. For example, it’s easier to digest, has a lower glycemic index, and higher in prebiotics than conventional bread. Despite all of that, it’s just as easy to bake as conventional bread hence many moms love baking it. If you wish to bake some, the quick and easy-to-follow recipe above is a great way to get started. Just order ready-made sourdough from your meal kit delivery service or nearest supermarket so you don’t have to start from scratch.