Best Exercises to do on a Squat Rack at Home


More people are setting up home gyms, and for some people they contain more than just a cardio machine, yoga mat, and some hand weights. Those who have the space and are serious about lifting weights are investing in squat racks. A squat rack provides numerous benefits, and there are a variety of ones to choose from to fit your fitness goals, budget, and space.  

Why You Should Use a Squat Rack

Many fitness enthusiasts would say that a squat rack is essential. This rack can fall in the category of power racks, as it allows for a variety of moves while providing safety features.

Safety is one of the biggest benefits of using a rack. When you work out at home, you do not have the spotting power you might have at the gym. When you buy a quality rack, it contains safety straps, arms, or pins so you can lift heavy weights and not worry about dropping them. These also allow you to lift weights without causing injury. A squat rack allows you to get the weight safely into the lifting position because of the ease of loading. 

Versatility is another big benefit of using a rack. You can move the bars to various levels, allowing for upper and lower body exercises. You can also add additional equipment to the rack for even more versatility. Other benefits of a squat rack include:

  • Builds overall strength
  • Improves fat burn
  • Builds balance
  • Strengthens joints

Getting Started with a Squat Rack

Before buying the first rack you see, search the best power racks 2021. There are some things to keep in mind once you bring your rack home. Place the bar just slightly below your shoulders so it is easy to lift off. Set your spotters to the right height, making sure they are even on both sides and that they are locked. Practice lifting the bar at first so you get used to the movement and then you can begin to add weight. Also read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is put together right.

Focus on using the right form, as not doing so can work the wrong muscles or lead to injury. It is also a good idea to start with lighter weight first and then progress to heavier weight once you are more comfortable. Before working out, make sure the area around the rack is clear. You should also wear the proper shoes, such as athletic trainers or weight lifting shoes.

Best Squat Rack Exercises

Now that your squat rack is set up properly, it is time to talk about what exercises are perfect to do. For the upper body:

  • Overhead press (military press)
  • Pullups
  • Chin-ups
  • Chest presses
  • Inverted row

For the lower body:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Rack pulls
  • Calf raises

A squat rack can also be used to build abdominal muscles. The hanging leg raise works the lower abs especially.

A squat rack is great when you want to get a full body strength workout at home. It allows you to perform multiple exercises and does not take up that much room.