Tips For Decorating A Child’s Room With Butterflies


With summer just around the corner, it is already likely that you have started making many home renovations already. Maybe you started in the kitchen, maybe you started in the living room, or perhaps you chose to tackle your child’s room first. Whatever the situation is, there are without a doubt many considerations that you have to make before deciding on your decorations. However, you should know that butterflies are becoming a huge hit in 2018. Why is this so and how can you best utilize them to your advantage? That is exactly what you are going to learn below.Why Are Butterflies Becoming Popular?

Butterflies are literally known for their endurance, ability to span time, change, and resurrection. Due to this fact, the butterfly motif is becoming more and more popular throughout different cultures. In fact, you can find modern butterfly designs in the Chinese homes, Japanese homes, Indian homes, and French homes. They really mesh well with a lot of decorations and are versatile when it comes to children’s rooms. So, how can you make the most out of these butterflies and really show off your child room with this unique creature?

Consider Butterfly Wallpaper

Painting is without a doubt an expensive, timely, and messy process. Not only do you have to spend hours prepping the wall for painting, but also you will spend even more time trimming it in and painting it. However, wallpaper can completely eliminate the process altogether. Wallpaper is not only affordable and easy, but it is extremely efficient. You can wallpaper your child’s room in half the time that it would take to prep the room for painting. Butterfly wallpaper is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, as it represent change and transformation, which is something that your child is going to go through his or her whole life.

Handing Painting Butterflies

Of course, hand painting your child’s room is another option that you have available to you. While this might take more time, it will certainly last longer and be more meaningful, because you accomplished the task on your own. If you do not consider yourself to be the best artist there are a variety of utensils available that you can utilize to draw animations and creatures on your child’s wall. In fact, you can find tons of butterfly decorations that will match any wall décor. So, it really doesn’t matter what color or style you choose, you can find a butterfly motif that will match.

Consider Paper Made Butterflies

Never forget about the paper butterfly decorations, as the color possibilities are limitless and they are even easier to construct. You can create single color butterflies or you can mix in a plethora or color combinations. These decorations are inexpensive and will make a great addition to any child’s room. They will not only provide a Bohemian interior to the room, but they will give it a sparkly appearance as well. These alluring decorations can easily be attached to the wall by utilizing simple pins or if you really want to get creative you can attach them to the ceiling, so that you child will see them while he or she is resting.

If the child is old enough don’t forget to include him or her in on the project, as this will be a great learning and bonding experience.

Butterfly Lamps

If you want to decorate your child’s room with butterflies, but do not want to go through the hassle of painting, wallpapering, or creating your own designs you always have the option of turning to butterfly lamps. Not only are these items pre-made, but also they can be purchased for a fairly affordable price. They will not only serve as a nightlight, but they will add a certain kind of fun and elegance to the room. Most of these lamps come equipped with special features that your kids will really take to. For instance, they can be touch activated and contain as many as three different light settings.

All the child has to do is reach over and tap the metal base of the lamp and it will change colors. These types of lamps not only provide comfort during troublesome hours of the night, but they are somewhat dimly construed of stained glass materials, so they will make a great light if you just want to check on your children during the middle of the night without disturbing them.