Tips for Designing a Gaming Room in Your Apartment


Creating a fun, versatile gaming room is the dream for every gamer gearing up to move into their new apartment, but sometimes even the most spacious apartments need a little help. If you want to set up your new room to maximize fun and style, you’ll need to utilize every inch of space with a purpose. Whether you’re aiming for an arcade theme, a retro look or you’re looking to create fun-for-all with pool tables, ping pong, and more, we have tips to make it happen. 

  • Utilize Natural Lighting

Before we start talking about equipment or setups, we need to cover a couple of basics. Lighting can make or break even the most stunning of styles, so make sure you choose a room in your luxury apartment with ample natural lighting. Natural lighting can make an area feel more welcoming and spacious, and it’s great for helping you line up that perfect pool shot. 

  • Multipurpose Furniture is Key

When you’re trying to capitalize on a small space, you’ll need furniture with more than one use. For instance, a pool table that closes can be used for poker, board games, eating, or hanging with friends and family. A stylish vintage ottoman can also be used as a table as well as a storage container for blankets or gaming gear. 

  • When You’re Low on Space, Look Up

Unfortunately, not every room in your apartment can be as big as the master bedroom, so you’ll have to make some concessions. To make your room come together without sacrificing content or style, you can put your walls to work. A great trick is to mount your gaming consoles securely to the wall. Make sure they’re next to your TV so that you can run wires neatly across.  Using retro board games or old NES boxes as wall decor is another versatile way to display your collection.

Another intuitive way to take advantage of wall space is by utilizing a projector, especially if you’re nervous about hanging a heavy TV from your wall. With a projector, you can customize the size and range of your screen at will.

  • Go Big on Sound

Whether you’re enhancing your games or perfecting the home-theater, high-quality sound raises the excitement level and suspense of every piece of media. Cordless surround-sound speakers create a stellar listening experience without the messy cords. 

If you’re worried about the sound irritating roommates or your apartment neighbors, you can easily soundproof your gaming room. Soundproof foam is relatively inexpensive, and it does an incredible job of keeping in sound so that you can keep angry neighbors out. Soundproof foam is easy to install and won’t leave any lasting damage to your walls.