Tips for Optimizing Business or Corporate Travel


Optimizing official travel at any company is a must to keep expenses cost effective and to improve efficiency. For most companies, managing business transportation can be a headache. That’s largely because some elements of travelling is out of control of the company. Still, there are plenty of ways to prevent running up travel expenses and prevent delays. Read on to learn more:


Use Public Transportation Whenever Possible 

Are your employees on business trips hailing Ubers in cities like Sydney and Stockholm? Some cities offer top-notch public transportation that are much faster and cheaper than hailing a cab from a rideshare app. 

You may not want employees on business trips to hail a bus in Delhi, but it should be the best option in a city like Melbourne. When reliable and speedy public transportation is available, ask your employees to use it. This would keep costs significantly down on business trips. 

Increase Efficiency by Renting a Jet

Flying commercial on certain routes, especially in North America, is not the most efficient choice. On busy flight routes dominated by one or two airlines, flight delays and discomfort is notorious. When you want employees to travel fast to a location with few bottlenecks, it’s sometimes best to just hire a jet. There are great charter flights from Toronto that offer cost saving and high efficiency solutions for businesspeople. 

For example, Learjet for rent offers fuel-efficient aircraft that keeps overall costs low. Service is speedy, so efficiency is never in doubt. This might not be the option for long international travel routes, but it’s a great way to keep travel smooth for urgent business. 

Plan for Problems with Commercial Airliners in Advance 

Do plan ahead for delays and cancellations with commercial airlines. It certainly doesn’t happen all the time, but the possibility is high. Offer employees a plan B in case their flight gets hindered, so that they can quickly be on their way without wasting time. 

Allow Employees to Make Their Own Travel Plan

Sometimes, the cost efficient solution for corporate travel is to allow employees to book their own tickets and create itineraries. Employees can benefit from low-cost travel options depending on the locations. Travel costs are low anyway for people compared to businesses. 

When the company doesn’t have its own jet or vehicles, getting employees to plan for their trip can keep workload off from managers who have to arrange business trips. It would be efficient especially when destination for multiple employees differ. 

Have a Travel Manager 

If your company has a lot of business travelling to do, then it’s best to hire a manager to handle that separately. The travel manager can seek cost-effective transportation options and find solutions to common travel-related problems at the company. 

Travel managers can also test multiple solutions to see what works best. They can also be there to support employees once they are oversees. Delegating travel-related duties in such a manner would minimize confusion and disorder in the existing process. 

To ensure long-term efficiency and cost savings, make sure to collect and analyze corporate travel data at the company. This should help the employees and executives come up with better travel management plans in the future. Keep in mind that optimizing company travel would always be an ongoing project.