Tips on Making Your Bed Comfortable


If you want to stay healthy and happy, you have to get quality sleep. Comfort plays a significant role in the quality of sleep you get. Nothing beats a good night sleep in a neat and super-cozy bed. You can spruce up your sleepy-time sanctuary to feel like in a five-star hotel bed. 

Here are several tips for making your bed comfortable.

• Good Mattress

Creating a comfortable bed starts with your mattress. Your mattress has a huge impact on the comfort level of your bed. Ensure that your mattress matches your sleep position, weight, and personal preferences. The mattress should relax your body when you lie in bed and give you a huge-like effect. You can use a mattress topper to give your bed an added layer of softness and support. Memory foam mattress toppers improve the quality of your sleep by adding a comfort factor to the mattress.

• Nice and Fresh Sheets

The sheets are the most important bedding essentials. Ensure that your sheets are nice and fresh to give you a good night sleep. The sheets should be soft and lightweight to allow your skin to breathe when you sleep. You can opt for linen sheets instead of cotton because they are cozy in all seasons. Have a least two sets of sheets so that you can rotate them and you do not have to wash your sheets immediately you change them.

• Try a DIY Gauzy Canopy

A bed canopy makes your bed comfortable and the bedroom aesthetically attractive and stylish. You can make a bed canopy using a fabric of your choice to transform your bed into a magical hideaway. Hang the fabric from the ceiling with hooks or thumbtacks.

• High-Quality Bedspread

Purchase a high-quality bedspread for your bed to enhance its comfort. The bedspread should be in line with the season. For instance, in summer, you can purchase a light quilt because the nights are warmer. In winter and fall, go for heavy duvets to keep you warm at night.

• Add Pillows

Beds and pillows are intertwined. Pillows increase the bed’s cozy factor significantly and make your bed inviting. Take caution when choosing pillows for your bed because they can either increase or hinder coziness. Go for pillows with down inserts because they are long lasting and do not lose shape. You can use velvet or satin covers for your pillows to give your bed a softness factor.

• Bedside Rug

After a good night sleep in a cozy bed, you do not want to wake up to the cold floor. Stepping out of bed onto a luxurious rug is one of the best feeling ever. You can throw down a fuzzy bedside rug to provide warmth to your feet in the morning when you wake up. A small sheepskin rug gives your feet a warm morning hug.

A good night sleep is priceless and days get better after a wonderful night’s sleep. You can make your bed comfortable to improve the quality of sleep you get. Use these tips to make your bed look and feel like a luxury hotel bed. A comfortable bed equals a happier you.