Top 10 DIY Props to Lift Your Photo Booth Game


Photo booths at parties are pretty much de rigeur now, and it seems like every single one of my friends has at least one (if not many, many more) of those super cute three-or-four-frame photo strips adorning their refrigerator. Sadly though, not everyone who hires a photo booth knows how to stock it with fun props! I know that the last time my friend and I lurched into a photo booth at a friend’s engagement (and looked tipsily around for the best props to use to make our photo strip that little bit more memorable) we were rewarded only with a ‘novelty’ pair of sunglasses (which I’m pretty sure were just a regular ol’ pair of sunglasses that the bride to be had nicked out of her great aunt’s purse). Needless to say, our photo booth shots were not the fun, frivolous, antic-filled shots we had hoped for. Just us smiling. Bleh.

So, when I recently had my 30th birthday in a trendy venue, I knew that I wanted to up the ante as far as the shots were concerned. Once I had secured the right photo booth hire in Perth, I vowed not to stock my booth with blah props and boring things. I researched online and scoured the internet in the hopes of finding some photo booth prop gold that would make my pics shine. I was not disappointed. Have you got any idea how many people love taking pictures of themselves? Uhm… Yeah. Instagram? Well anyway, the amount of props that litter the world wide web is phenomenal, and I shall save you the indignity of searching yourself and simply deliver the choicest lot – the pick of the litter, so to speak – right here to you. I present, my top ten DIY props to really lift your photo booth game!

  1. Everyone loves holding something up to their face with a mask on it. Don’t deny them that simple pleasure! Also, you’ll basically give yourself a hernia laughing at your 96 year old Aunty Marge with sexy cat eyes.
  2. Yeah, ok I know I lambasted the aforementioned sunnies that my friend had but they were literally sunglasses. So blah. I am suggesting the elephantine kind of hyooge sunnies that people wear to national sporting events when they’re not from the city and think a pair of oversized sunnies is hilarious.
  3. Lol. You can make them out of cotton wool and cardboard and elastic. Why would you do this? See point one re: Aunty Marge.
  4. Cute headbands and tiaras. You may have nieces and nephews coming, or your friends might be juveniles. Who cares? Everyone loves a crown.
  5. If you’re getting married, a nice sign with your names on it, or something to do with your special day would be a cute touch.
  6. Tails and manes. Bring out your inner lion!
  7. Top hats. You can print out top hats and stick them onto sticks, and then people can pretend they’re wearing a top hat! Yay!
  8. Speech bubbles + chalk. People can write whatever they want onto these and then pretend they’re saying them in a picture! I hope your Aunty Marge has avoided the schnapps so far, otherwise things could level up.
  9. Animal masks. These are pretty easy to make, and so as not to make people cover their whole faces, you can always opt for a nose and whiskers combo.
  10. Cartoon speech bubbles. You know the ones like ‘Pow’ and ‘Zap’? They can be fun additions to your photo booth repertoire!

Well, I hope that you have drawn plenty of inspiration here and that your photo booths will never be dull again! Happy snapping!