Top 10 Store Items That You Can Showcase in Glass Display Cabinets


Having a few glass display cabinets in your retail establishment lets you show off some of your most visually appealing items. The items you choose to showcase will vary based on what your retail store focuses on. Below, we’ll share a few ideas for what to place in these cabinets to maximise your sales.

  1. Jewellery – A common item to place in display cabinets, jewellery looks great behind glass. It also keeps expensive items secure and away from prying hands.
  2. Mugs and Glasses – Glass display cabinets come with cube configurations that are perfect for storing glassware and similar items while showing off their features.
  3. Pastries and Snacks – If your store focuses on food, a glass cabinet can allow customers to look at the items they might be thinking about ordering before they go through with the purchase.
  4. Purses and Handbags – Another high-ticket item that you might want to show off are purses. People can look at them through the clear barrier to decide on their favourite. 
  5. Video Games – Video games can be placed behind glass display cabinets so customers can get a look at the variety, but they are less likely to be stolen or damaged.
  6. Fine Wines – Not only wine but any kind of upscale alcohol can be placed in a glass display cabinet so they are shown off to customers but can’t be reached without the help of a staff member. 
  7. Autographed Sports Memorabilia – If you deal with sports memorabilia, you likely want the expensive pieces somewhere they can easily be seen and not touched. Glass display cabinets make that possible.
  8. Perfumes – If you sell perfume and have some expensive options around, you can keep them on display but off-limits so everyone who walks through the store doesn’t try to sample them.
  9. Collectible Items – Action figures, comic books, and other collectibles can look great behind glass and it offers more security for the products.
  10. Watches – As with jewellery, watches can be expensive, and you may not want them sitting out in the open. Glass display cabinets can be the perfect alternative.

These are only a few of the most common uses for glass display cabinets. No matter what kind of merchandise you offer at your retail establishment, this kind of display fitting can make a difference in your store.