Top 11 Budget-Friendly Home Makeover Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Space


People usually think that remodelling homes means breaking your bank. But when you renovate your home, it rejuvenates a place completely! Your home décor tends to showcase your personality to some extent. Before you start to remodel your place, ensure you have proper plans like the paint colors for each room, decor theme, and decorative items you will put up, and other things. A beautifully decorated home spurs you and boosts your creativity; it also provokes positive vibes. 

Whether you’re planning to refurbish your present house or a new place but stressed about the budget, don’t worry; we have some best budget-friendly home makeover tips for your dream home.  If you’re planning to relocate to a new place, it will be best to hire relocation services in Mumbai or your particular city to make sure you and your family enjoy a safe and smooth home shifting process with minimum stress on your part. With almost no responsibility or burden of relocation on you, you will have enough time to get together with your family and make the right home decoration plans for your new home.

Give your home a look right out of a luxury magazine without breaking the bank; here are our 12 best home remodelling tips/ideas to add an extra flair to your house.

  1. Color up Your Place: Painting is always an update to homes that have lost a little of their charm through the years. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a space and update the vibrance of the house without spending much.
  2. Add Some Artworks: Paintings and artwork can give a charm to the room; instead of empty walls, you can just hang artworks. You don’t even have to buy expensive paintings; you can either DIY your own artwork or support local artists by purchasing their paintings; it’s a great way to appreciate local artists; you can also get original paintings than famous paintings mass-produced some companies.
  3. Graffiti on Walls: Adding graffiti to your walls is an urban design; modern graffiti can be done by yourself or by custom artists, which is inexpensive and give a modern urban vibe to your home.
  4. DIY Bookshelves: Repaint your old bookshelf and neatly arrange books to create a classy touch to your home’s ambiance. Remember to be careful when moving your handmade bookshelf; simply book experienced packing and moving services in Hyderabad for safe and smooth relocation of your valuable belongings.
  5. Personalized Curtains: You can give your old curtains a new look by tie-dyeing or add self-printing patterns on old curtains to give a personalized; you can also add some sheer curtains, which are not that expensive.
  6. Redesigning with Things You Already Have: A lot of decorating can be done by just moving things around; this not only adds flair to existing pieces but helps us see things differently. This will also save a lot of money, which you can use to upgrade existing furniture by polishing or adding new covering.
  7. Cozy Lighting: Whether you want a calm & cool lighting or bright & warm lighting, both contribute to improving the room’s aesthetics and both can be inexpensive. They highlight the walls and art too and create a pleasant atmosphere through intelligent lighting. So, all you need to do is decide which will be the best fit as per your home décor style and go for it. 
  8. Changing Accents: For a quick and inexpensive makeover, change up lampshades, doorknobs, change the placing of all the furniture and accessories you already have, etc., this can improve the aesthetics of your home.
  9. Wall of Memories: Decorate your walls by hanging photos of your family, friends, & loved ones. These framed photos do more than just decorating your home; they narrate the story of your loved ones.
  10. Go Green: Bringing in plants can be a visual treat; they will make you feel connected to mother nature and comfort the scent sets a mood.  Plants are inexpensive and can increase the beauty of indoor space and outdoor space. 
  11. Declutter: Sort out all the unused or broken things that are blocking space for your new aesthetics. You can sell, donate, or even make your own personal DIY-crafts to give them a refreshed look.

Try incorporating these house makeover tips mentioned above to give your place a luxury magazine look. If you have more time to remodel your home, you can DIY by using unused/ old items, like making flowerpots out of your partially broken ceramic pot, painting your old tables, painting your own wall art, tie-die your bedsheets/ curtains, and so on. One essential point to keep in mind to ensure you and your family’s safety is to install the right home security system whether you live in your old home or planning to move to a new one. If you plan to shift to a new place, it will be best to hire reliable packers and movers as the moving company takes complete responsibility for your relocation, and you will get enough time to sit down with your family and plan your new home décor and room layouts & designs.