Top Benefits of Salt Water Pools


With summer fast approaching, we’re all dying to get back into our pools. However, before you jump in, you need to make sure your pool is sanitized correctly and balanced.

Saltwater pools have become the standard way to sanitize your pool because of the significant benefits they offer. A saltwater pool can not only make your backyard look fantastic because of how clear and beautiful the water is, but it can save you significant amounts of time and money as well!

Salt Systems Are Much Less Expensive In The End

Purchasing chlorine all the time gets expensive rather quickly. If you switch from traditional chlorine to a saltwater system, you won’t have to buy chlorine anymore. The salt system produces its own chlorine using the salt you’ve put in your pool. 

The salt doesn’t get used up either- it is just slowly diluted over time with rain, so every season or so, you’ll have to re-add a little salt- but that is pennies on the dollar significantly less often than your daily/weekly addition of chlorine. In the end, the industry estimates salt systems save as much as 40-50% or more over traditional chlorination, depending on the salt system model.

If you pay a professional to come out and maintain your pool’s chlorine level, you don’t have to do that with saltwater pools. Saltwater pools are extremely easy to maintain on your own, with just checking the levels of your water chemistry and adjusting them accordingly when needed. Making adjustments to your salt system is typically seasonal, based on changing temperatures & use.  With proper upkeep, you won’t have to put in a lot of effort to have a beautiful pool that’s safe and clean to swim in.

There is the initial cost of purchasing the salt system, but the overall costs are significantly less down the line when you stop paying for chlorine. 

Salt Systems Are Easier to Maintain

Chemical chlorine maintenance is one of the biggest hassles of pool ownership. If it’s not done right and done regularly, the pool you invested in quickly becomes a green pond. Salt chlorinator systems are essentially like you’re putting your pool on autopilot. You don’t have to go buy, store, measure, handle, or add chlorine anymore; you just let your salt system create its own chlorine through a process called electrolysis. A salt system generates chlorine consistently every day, automatically when the pump runs.

However, while eliminating chemical chlorine maintenance takes away the lion’s share of the work, salt pools are not 100% free of maintenance. Like with any pool, you’ll need to periodically check the water chemistry levels using either testing strips, digital testing equipment, or by taking a sample to your local pool supply shop. If your water is off-balance, you’ll have to adjust it. Thanks to the salt system though, you’ll typically see that your free chlorine level is staying in range!  

You’ll Have Beautiful, Silky Water

Another benefit of having a saltwater pool is how beautiful the water is! Since the salt system is consistently purifying the water, the water stays sparkling blue. Saltwater pools are known for their crystal clear, silky-smooth water thanks to the softening effect that they provide. 

Another way the saltwater system improves the water’s quality is by removing by-products of chlorine called chloramines. This is what causes chlorine pools to have the caustic effects that dry out your skin and that creates that chlorine smell.

A beautiful pool to relax in on a hot summer day or show off to guests is always a huge plus.

Saltwater Pools Are Gentle on Skin, Hair & Swimsuits

As mentioned above, chloramines are harsh chemicals. Chloramines in traditional chlorine pools cause itchy, red skin and eyes, bleached swimsuits, damaged hair, and more. These chemicals are so strong that some people with skin allergies can’t even enjoy the pool!

With a saltwater pool they can! Chloramines are removed from the pool. Therefore your pool experience will be free of any discomfort. You can open your eyes underwater. You can expect a luxurious and natural feeling water without having to worry if it’s turning your hair green or hurting your swimsuit or skin in any way.

With being less expensive, requiring less upkeep, and offering a more enjoyable swim, it’s easy to see why saltwater pools have become the standard way to sanitize your pool. If you want your pool to be safe, beautiful, and sparkling blue, a salt water pool is a clear choice.