Top Birthday Gifts in 2020


Though there might not be a huge birthday party this year due to the pandemic, you’ll still want to get great gifts with your friends and family as they celebrate their special day. If you have a family or friend’s birthday coming up you may be racking your brain for what you will get them this year. You want to pick out the perfect unique present, but you’re having trouble coming up with the right choice for your loved one. If this sounds like your current dilemma, check out this list of the top gift ideas to consider for 2020.

1. Send a great birthday card.

If you’re looking for an affordable birthday gift option, consider a personalized twist on a traditional birthday card then consider creating your own. These cute birthday cards offer you the capability to upload any photo that you can turn into the perfect birthday card. Instead of a boring happy birthday card, opt for something more unique. On this site, you can explore a variety of different birthday cards that your recipient will love. The type of cards range from funny birthday cards to sweet, touching birthday cards. What’s even better is that there are options for anyone in your life — from a kid to your grandparents. You control the way the birthday card looks from start to finish by choosing the birthday message you want written, a certain theme, a particular photo on the card, and even the design of the envelope. By purchasing one of these personalized birthday cards you’re sure to wish your recipient a very happy birthday that they’ll never forget.

Buy a fun pet.

Looking for an extremely memorable birthday gift? Look no further, and consider gifting a pet as a birthday gift. During this prolonged time of social distancing, the company of a pet is definitely welcomed by many people. If you need to get a gift for someone who would enjoy an unusual pet, consider reptiles or amphibians.

When it comes to pet reptiles, you can choose from chameleons, bearded dragons, and geckos. Or, maybe you’re searching for amphibians like a Pacman frog or tree frogs, or arachnids like a tarantula. No matter the kind of reptile, amphibian, or arachnid that you decide on, you’ll need to buy dubia roaches for the new pet. These dubia roaches are a feeder roach that provides quality nutrition to your pet. Depending on the specific pet’s needs you might want to purchase a dubia roach colony in addition to the pet so that your gift is well-maintained for a period of time. Then, if you need more, the recipient of the birthday gift can buy more dubia roaches, crickets, and other feeder insects of their choice. It’s surprisingly easy to get dubia roaches online, and they’ll keep you pet — whether it’s a gecko, a chameleon or a bearded dragon — healthy and happy.

Time for a new phone.

Maybe you’re looking for a more technology-based birthday gift. You know that your loved one has been complaining about their cracked phone screen, and it seems like every time you see them they need a screen repair or an entirely new cell phone. If this sounds like the birthday gift recipient, it’s worth considering sending them some money to get a new phone. And, let’s be honest, if they’re getting a really nice new phone for their birthday gift then they should also get mobile phone insurance for optimal protection.

Mobile phone insurance is an important addition if you’re gifting a new cell phone because accidents are bound to happen. These protection plans offer coverage from accidental damage like a crack in the screen, a damaged charging port, and liquid damage. Phone insurance is paid monthly and for a small fee, you can have peace of mind that your insurer will provide you with a replacement phone should yours fall under the appropriate warranty. So, if you’re gifting a new phone as a birthday wish, then make sure it has mobile phone insurance to keep it protected too.

As you finish up your birthday gift hunt just make sure to choose the right gift for your loved one. Ultimately, you decide to move forward with a gift that’s simple like a card, something more unique like a pet reptile, or more costly like a phone. No matter what you decide, there’s the perfect gift out there for everyone.