Total Knee or Total Trouble: Should You Go for A Total Knee Replacement Surgery?


Like most surgeries, a Total Knee Replacement Surgery eliminates risks and assists with future rehab. Your knees are the backbone of your mobility and lifestyle. A total knee replacement surgery is needed when your knees can no longer function properly and interfere with your day-to-day life.

Over 600,000 people go through Total Knee Replacement Surgeries worldwide every year. Most people who undergo this procedure experience joint pain relief and improved mobility. Here’s how you decide whether you really need a Total Knee Replacement Surgery or not.

Ask a Doctor

Consult your primary care doctor or a certified orthopaedic surgeon. In most cases, doctors favour less invasive treatments over Total Knee Replacement Surgeries. Your doctor may advise you against it if you have low bone density, weak bones, and if you have knee infections. You can book affordable surgery packages for a Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore by consulting a panel of expert orthopaedic surgeons.

Consider Alternative Treatment Options

In most cases, you may not even need to undergo a Knee Replacement. If you experience temporary bouts of pain or experience pain when walking up to distances a few feet away, then it may the case of overweight/obesity.

Weight loss through low-impact exercises and regular/weekly physiotherapy sessions will help you cut down on the loads your knees bear and remove excess weight, thus alleviating joint pain. Muscle strengthening exercises and incorporating a healthy diet help in these cases.

Other treatment options which are less invasive involve taking over-the-top counter medications orally, special creams or ointments which you can rub on the affected skin regions, and medications injected into the knees like the corticosteroid injections which fight inflammation and bring relief to joint pain and boosting natural joint fluid levels in the knees.

When Should I Opt A Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

A Total Knee Replacement Surgery is a life-changing decision and care must be taken before deciding to go under the knife for this surgical procedure. Your knees are your means of livelihood in terms of physical activity and mobility which is why it’s important to take a second or third doctor’s opinion before rushing to opt for a Knee Replacement in Bangalore.

When alternative treatment options fail and pain in the knees persist over a long period of time, it is then a Total Knee Replacement Surgery is recommended for patients. It also depends on the doctor’s diagnosis and your overall mobility problems. Here are signs to look out for when deciding to opt for a Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Failure of alternative osteoarthritis treatment methods – If all the above treatment options fail, it’s time for a total knee replacement surgery

Limited everyday mobility – When you can’t commute to work and using crutches or cane support doesn’t help

Painkillers don’t work – When NSAIDS, nutritional supplements, and over-the-counter top medications don’t help alleviate joint pain

Persisting Knee Pain – Especially during the nights, all-day long, and when medications, diet, and rest don’t help eliminate knee pain or inflammation in affected areas over a long period of time.

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