Understanding a Bullet-Resistant Glass


Imagine yourself at the frontline in a gunfight, with bullets flying in all directions. Wouldn’t you appreciate having a barrier such as, bullet-proof glass, in front of you? How secure would you feel? In this article, we discuss how bullet-proof glass, works. We will contrast ordinary glass and bulletproof glass, and highlight why to consider a quality bullet-resistant glass for security.

Why ordinary glass shutters

If someone throws you a cricket ball, and the ball is fast-moving, you will realize that to reduce the ball’s impact, you will need to move your hand back and stop the ball gradually. Unlike your hand, an ordinary piece of glass cannot move. A fast-moving bullet towards the glass will shutter it because, the glass cannot bend, and absorb the energy. Ordinary glass, therefore, offers no protection against bullets and fails to slow them down and reduce their impact. 

How bulletproof glass, works

Bullet-resistant glass is different to ordinary glass. This type of glass has multiple layers of tough glass with interlayers of various plastics. At times there is a final inner layer of polycarbonate or a plastic film that prevents the pieces of glass from splintering off to follow the bullet’s impact. This sandwich layer is known as a laminate. Sometimes it is ten times thicker than a single pane of ordinary glass. This thickness makes it very heavy. When someone fires a gun towards a bulletproof glass, the bullet’s energy spreads out sideways via the layers. The glass absorbs the energy quickly, since it divides the impact between, different glass pieces and plastic layers.
The glass reduces the impact of the bullet that it can no longer pierce through the glass. Even when the glass panes break, the plastic layers prevent them from flying apart. Some manufacturers make quality bulletproof glass. SILATEC is one company that produces extremely safe bullet-proof glass that offers maximum security.. Another trait that SILATEC bulletproof glass has is its ability to filter out harmful UV light. 

Where can you use bullet-resistant glass?

You can use bullet-resistant glass in banks and where an exchange of valuable items is involved. Cars that transport prominent people can use this kind of glass. Jewellery shops need bullet-resistant glass for protection while still offering good visibility for the products. You can also place them in your house as there is no limit to where you can install them.
To summarize, in an ever-increasing insecure society, it is good to invest in bullet-resistant glass and windows. The glass is a sure way to protect you from harm and help to withstand people with bad intentions. The protection ability of the glass solely depends on its quality and manufacturers. Also, the thicker the glass, the better it will protect you from even heavy weapons.