Unique Artificial Grass Indoor Decorations That Will Make You Say WOW


Hey, top dreamers, have you  heard about the new trend of incorporating artificial grass into the indoors? We hope you had, but in case you haven’t you will get familiar with it once you read this post. Below, we have made a photo collection of Unique Artificial Grass Indoor Decorations That Will Make You Say WOW.

Artificial or fake grass is made of synthetic material that replicates the look of natural grass. This type of grass is most often used in sports arenas and it has also become quite popular home decor trend. There are versatile ways of how to add fake grass into the home, whether going bold or keeping it to minimum. An artificial grass carpet can be great choice for the living room or bedroom. Such carpets are soft and non-abrasive and you can even walk along barefoot. Another way to go bold with fake grass decor is one such accent wall. A grass wall can definitely change the look of any room. Here are several interiors with such artificial grass decorations.

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Unique Artificial Grass Indoor Decorations

grass wall
Photo via: seedsnow.com
grass carpet
Photo via: seedsnow.com
grass floor
Photo via: home.howstuffworks.com
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Photo via: sourceable.net


Photo via: sourceable.net

Besides decorating the walls and floors with some artificial grass, furniture pieces can be also made unique with such grass decoration. Designers have created such bar stools, which can definitely pop out form the rest of the room decor. And also, one such tabletop or a simple fake grass table runner can be pretty interesting decoration for the dining room. Such tabletop or table runner can be also quite functional because it can prevent glassware from breaking when being accidentally knocked over the table.  An artificial grass table runner or maybe some such wall art can be perfect home decor for the spring time. They can bring can some live into your home. Check out now the rest of the artificial grass indoor decorations that we have chosen for you today and do not hesitate to incorporate this decorative trend into your home too. Enjoy!

grass table
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Photo via: royalgrass.co.uk
Photo via: royalgrass.co.uk
Photo via: royalgrass.co.uk
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grass home decor
Photo via: martaczapla.pl
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live wall
Photo via: chbcgroup.net
grass-place-mats artificial grass indoor decorations
Photo via: plushweddingsandevents.com

So, would you choose to go bold with the artificial grass decor and choose some such rug, or will you keep it to minimum by adding some grass table runner or some wall art? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other unique home decorations that you can add into your lovely homes.