Unusual terms of a rental truck service contract


A truck rental service contract is a contract that includes a summary of the rental service arrangement like the charges to be paid, paid charges, services are taken, and so on. After signing this contract, you give your consent for all the terms and conditions that are written in the agreement. The best USA truck rental companies recommend you to read the contract carefully before you sign it. 

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Fuel rates are shown in agreement:

Usually, all the truck rental companies provide the truck with a full fuel tank. You can return the truck either with a full fuel tank or can pay them according to the fuel charges written in the contract. 

Return date 

The service contract also includes the anticipated date of return upon which both the parties are ready to return the truck. This is the date when you have to return the date and if you get late then you might have to pay additional charges which are also included in the agreement.

Vehicle condition and return 

There is a separate column that describes the vehicle condition and in the same condition, you have to return the vehicle. Make sure you check the condition of the vehicle and ensure that the vehicle is according to the condition report. If you have any issue with it then you can ask about it to the company. Also, make sure that you return the vehicle on the delivery date else you may find yourself in a big problem.  

It includes a statement that defines the person who must not drive the vehicle

The agreement also includes the statement that defines a person who must not drive the vehicle. Apart from that, a person whose blood alcohol limit exceeds the lawful percentage should not drive the vehicle. Whose driver’s license has been canceled should not drive the truck. Apart from that, if the age of a person is less than 21 years then they are not allowed to drive the vehicle. 

Privacy policy 

When you rent with a company, there is a privacy policy included in it. Before you provide any personal information to the company, make sure you read about the privacy policy. The privacy policy includes all the details that how the company will use the information. 


In complying with the rental terms and conditions, you are responsible for the look after the vehicle. Make sure that you use the right fuel. 

Rental restrictions 

All the companies state in their agreement that the vehicle belongs to them and you can’t sub rent, transfer or sell the vehicle. You can’t carry anything in the vehicle that can harm it which delays our ability to rent it again. 

Some restrictions like: 

  • You can’t take part in any kind of vehicle races or rallies with the rental vehicle. 
  • You can’t take the vehicle in the restricted area. 
  • You can’t use it for any illegal purpose. 

Additional charges 

All the details regarding the additional charges are present in the agreement. All the additional charges will be paid upon returning the vehicle. If you do not pay the charges on time then there will be interest incurred on the charges and the rate of the interest or fine will be mentioned in the agreement. 

Odometer reading 

The odometer reading has been measured before you take the vehicle and when you deliver it. The reading of the odometer decides the kilometers that the vehicle has traveled. In case if there is any failure because of a mechanical breakdown then you should inform the company as soon as possible. 

Use and control 

The vehicle should not be modified, damaged, or abused during the rental period. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle in the same condition. You could not replace the components of the vehicle. You can’t use the vehicle in the contravention of the laws. Whenever the vehicle the park, make sure all the windows and the doors are closed. 


The agreement includes the charges and the cost that will be taken by the company. It also includes the statement that how the charges have been charged like based on fuel or distance or time or something else. Make sure you read the column well and get to know about the charges and the payment mode and when you have to make the payment. 


There will be no refunds by the company in case of the early delivery of the vehicle. In almost all the agreements there is also a column that defines the refund statement so that you can get to know that in what conditions you may get a refund or in what you would not get. 


In the truck rental agreement, everything is included and you should read it carefully before you sign it. Signing it means you agree with all the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms and have your concerns, you can always ask questions to the company and the professionals will be more than happy to answer. Considering the prevailing conditions, it is best to enquire about the no contact policy the truck rental company is following. Hope this guide helps you in understanding the unusual terms of a truck rental contract.