Upholstered Walls For A Cozy And Warm Look Of Your Bedroom


One way to create cozy and warm atmosphere in your bedroom is to add upholstered walls. These walls may not be the most common interior design feature, but they are for sure getting quite popular choice lately. And since we are always here for you to get you updated with the latest home decor trends, today we want to show you how you can add such walls in your bedroom.

So, first let see which walls in your bedroom should be upholstered? Well, of course not all of them, because it will look weird and you won’t feel comfortable being there. You should choose only one upholstered wall, for instance, the one behind the wall. This wall is perfect for adding upholstery because in that way it will also serve as a headboard. Here are several such ideas that can inspire you to add one such wall into your bedroom too.

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Modern Bedrooms With Upholstered Walls

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You can pick from versatile upholstered wall panels with a soft and pleasant texture. They are easy to be installed and you can choose from a variety of materials and colors. The color can be a bold one to make a bigger accent. Or it can be in a shade to match with the carpet or other pieces of furniture.

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Upholstered walls can instantly become a focal point of the room. And you can even accentuate their beauty with some lighting solution. For instance, this could either be some nightstand lamps on each side of the bed, some LED lights in between the lines of the upholstery or maybe even some eye-catching hanging lamps.

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And of course, upholstered walls will require some more maintenance than the regular ones. They can catch dust and capture humidity. So, you will need to lightly vacuum the walls with a soft suction attachment.

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So, how do you like the above bedroom designs? Would you like to add an upholstered wall in your bedroom too? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your home.