Watch Wearing 101: Style Tips for Men


Do you have an interview for your dream job? Are you prepared and ready to ace the questions? Just before the interview begins, the interviewer asks you for the time – and there’s that one, pivotal moment.

You might be embarrassed by you cheap, digital watch with the rubber strap.

This is a huge fail, and unfortunately, your first impression is made and, it’s not a great one.

While the above situation may be a bit inflated, the fact is there is a wrong way for men to wear a watch. The ideal watch is one that’s barely noticeable and like any element of style, it’s the small details that make all the difference.


Here, you can learn how to wear a watch to compliment your look and style.

Purchase One Watch or Multiple Watches?

If you plan to purchase a single watch and wear it in all circumstances, then it should be stylistically neutral. This means you can pair it with virtually any color and any type of attire.

If you only want to purchase one watch, make sure it’s restrained and that it features a simple metal band and face, instead of leather. For example, a brown leather watch isn’t going to work with your black leather shoes and vice versa.

However, if you are willing to purchase two to three watches, then you will find there are many options to consider. Gold watches for men are real head-turners. Purchasing a watch that’s shiny is a great way of getting noticed while on the other hand you could still purchase one watch that’s understated and sleek for more formal occasions.

Leather Strap or Metal Band?

When you purchase a watch with a metal band, you have the advantage of neutrality on your side. While you need to make sure that your metals always match, most men wear very little jewelry. As a result, if you are wearing a silver-tone watch band, you also need to have the same color of belt buckle, rather than a gold one.

In addition to your belt buckle and your cufflinks, each of which are easy to change, men don’t have too many other metals to worry about. As a result, choosing your watch band is a rather simple choice.

If you opt for leather, instead, make sure it matches the other leathers – your belt and shoes – but it often looks much simpler and not as ostentatious as a metal band.

When it comes to extremely formal occasions, many style pros prefer a plain, black leather watch band to sleeker metal ones. For less formal situations, leather provides a more comfortable look and feel. Keep in mind, there’s no one right answer. This comes down to your personal preferences in many ways, just make sure to keep the general “matching” rules mentioned above in mind.

The Case and Dial Style

Do you know what the dial is? It is the part of the watch where the time is displayed. The case is the metal part that holds the dial, as well as the mechanism, which is what makes the hands move.

The majority of cases you will find on watches today are metal; however, there are some made of plastic that look like metal. Unless you are purchasing a watch for sports or utility activities, there isn’t too much of a reason that a grown man needs to own a plastic or rubber watch.

When it comes to the metals used for the case of a watch, you will find options that range from platinum to white gold and stainless steel, and everything in between. You can even find rarer options, such as titanium. Typically, you will find watch cases are either silver or gold tone, or that they have been colored white or black.

The dials, however, are found in a wide array of colors. While some are plain and simple, others have bright colors. Usually the watches are designed so the numbers contrast with the color of the dial to make them easy to read. Keep in mind though, the more contrast present, the less formal the watch is going to be.

When it comes to choosing a shape of dial and case, it’s usually a decision of what you prefer. You can find options in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to consider how and when you will wear the watch to pick the best one.

As a man, you know your clothes and accessories say a lot about you. Believe it or not, your watch can impact the first impressions someone has of you. Make sure it is always a great one by using the tips and information here to find the perfect watch for you and the occasion.