Watering Can Planters To Add A Little Bit Of Whimsy To Your Yard


Do you have some old watering can that you no longer use and plan to throw it away? If you do, then stop for a second and don’t throw it away because you can use it as a planter. Watering can planters can give a vintage look to your yard and will also add a little bit of whimsy over there.

And guess what, there is nothing tricky in repurposing a watering can into a planter. Simply fill it with the plants that you love and choose where you will display it. For instance, you can place it on the front porch, on your balcony on the outdoor steps or you can even hang it on the fence or on some tree in your yard. And you can either pick just one such watering can or maybe several of them to create an interesting artwork in your yard. Here are several ideas to get inspired from.

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Amazing Watering Can Planters

Photo via: blog.propertypal.com
Photo via: blog.propertypal.com
Photo via: cooldiyideas.com
Photo via: ueberserioest.blogspot.com

Watering can planters can look just the way they are, but if you want to create a vintage garden decor, then you can combine it with other items, such as different galvanized buckets, rusted metal objects etc. Place them on a wooden ladder for a better display.

Photo via: empressofdirt.net
Photo via: lorialexander.blogspot.com

You can even make a topsy turvy planter out of a couple watering cans and a galvanized bucket. Choose different flowers for each planter to make it look even more eye-catching.

Photo via: blog.styleestate.com

And of course, you can be even more creative and choose to repaint the cans if you don’t like their metallic look. Such planters can be also great choice for an outdoor wedding decor, especially for rustic wedding theme.

Photo via: theoldbluebucket.blogspot.com
watering can planters
Photo via: inspiredbythis.com

So, would you try to repurpose some watering can into whimsical planter for your yard? Tell us in the comments and of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find more great ideas for your outdoor space.