Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out at Night


Night time can make it difficult for guests to appreciate your home. With all the darkness, your home can get pretty dull to the eyes of a visitor. Still, night time is a great time to highlight the best that your home can offer.

One thing’s for sure, the night provides the right conditions to experiment with the mood and feel you want to achieve for your home. It will all depend on the elements you include in the design and motif.

It’s possible to make your property stand out at night. All you need is to consider the right approaches that should improve your home’s nighttime appeal.

1. Spruce up your landscaping

Your landscaping says a lot about your home, so you may as well consider upgrading your landscaping design to achieve a certain mood. For instance, you can create a tropical evening paradise by setting up potted palm trees by the pool.

To achieve a resort-like look, you can wrap string lights or yellow Christmas lights around the trunk. That way, you can feel as if you’re by the beach.

For your front lawn, you can always plant hedges that can form into figures in their shadows at night. This is not meant to scare people, but they can give your home a feeling of depth. In other words, hedges can make your front lawn seem larger at night. This makes for a great way to impress visitors.

2. Replace your lighting

It may be time to upgrade your lighting into something more fantastic. If you have been using standard outdoor lighting setups for quite some time now, then you may as well consider other lighting motifs that will surely emphasize the best parts of your home.

For that matter, you may want to purchase accent lights and install them near windows and doors. These will give your property a more intimate feel. Moreover, these lights are mellow enough to lighten any mood, making them ideal for when you’re thinking of chilling on your front porch.

For indoor lights, you can use ornamental bulbs and chandeliers that can give any room a low-key vibe. Neutral white lights, for one, are also great if you want to make your rooms look brighter and cleaner at night.

Either way, if you’re planning to upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting systems, you will have to find a good electrician to help you set up the wires and install the lights in places you want them.  

3. Get the right kind of decor

Another great way to spruce up your home for the evening is to find the right decorations to complement the indoor vibe you want. For this, you may opt for artworks that could stand out in the darkness. Abstract, jazz-inspired paintings are always a great start. You can hang these on your living room wall under adequate lighting.

If paintings aren’t your thing and you want something that’s close to realistic, then you may as well get marble statuettes you can place in the corners. Again, adequate lighting is important so you can bring out the full effect of these decorations throughout the night.