What Does your Wedding Ring Say About You and Your Relationship?


Wedding rings are symbols of relationships. When choosing rings, people have to be careful not to get caught up in trends, since their marriages will hopefully outlast the fashions of the day. On the other hand, the rings should not be completely void of stylistic flavor. The rings should be timeless while also having those little unique touches that make them special to the people wearing them.

Of course, there are some people who still opt for the most fashionable, of-the-moment rings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, as love should always feel fresh and new. People who get married young are the most likely to have rings that reflect the time during which they were married. They are optimistic and idealistic, living in the moment and not thinking about growing older. Their optimism is well-served by the minimalist designs that are currently popular.

There is no need to seek out a classic or overly ornate style. They are buying their rings new and should not pretend that their rings were intended for anyone else but them in this moment. These engagement rings will most likely be slim and white-toned, whether silver, white gold or platinum. While there will obviously be a large central stone, there will be extra emphasis on the flanker stones or the ones that extend down the band. A modern woman’s engagement ring will have a relatively smaller central stone if it means that there can be more diamonds surrounding it.

Of course, most people have tastes that are neither fully vintage nor edgy and modern. For these women, a simple polished band with a diamond on top is the logical choice. The design elements come into play when choosing the cut of the diamond and the metal for the band. There may also be a message engraved on the inner edge. These women are pragmatic and ready to face whatever life throws at them. Their rings are shiny and well-made but very low-key. This reflects how they approach their marriages: with excitement for the special moments and appreciation for the normal parts of day-to-day life.

Vintage lovers have a lot of options to consider. They could scour the secondhand shops for authentic vintage rings, or they could choose something classic from online specialists like Portfolio of Fine Diamonds. Retro-styled rings have engraved bands and decorative mounts. This is for the woman who values both traditional beauty and her own unique approach to life. She is a die-hard romantic who does things her own way.