What makes Anodised Aluminium Windows an ideal Modern Housing Solution for Contemporary Homeowners


Many reasons point to the direction of choosing contemporary window designs for a comfortable living in the 21st century. Of the many different window designs you can explore, anodised windows stand out. There is no limit to achieving stunning home aesthetics and a beautiful anodised aluminium window can make all the difference. Anodised coated windows are available in different designs – be it casement windows, or french windows, bi-fold windows, or picture windows – you can choose from many!

By combining aesthetic perfection with functionality, design perfection, and durability; anodised aluminium windows stand as the hallmark of the ideal modern housing solution for the contemporary homeowner.

Before we get to the good part, let’s start with anodised aluminum windows, explore what they are, and then progress to the part where we show you how they make for an ideal housing solution.

What are Anodised Aluminum Windows?

Anodising is an electrochemical coating that gives aluminum a beautiful, metallic finish. Double casement windows, french windows, or any other window design that are anodised have a longer lifespan, retain colour and lustre, and do not discolour or deteriorate prematurely. 

By adding the protective TEXGUARD coating to their anodised aluminium windows, TOSTEM INDIA makes highly durable windows available to homeowners. Their anodised TEXGUARD windows are doubly secured and surface protected from wind, air, and water. The result: long-lasting lustre, color retention, and unmatched sheen that puts other windows to shame.

All TOSTEM INDIA anodised aluminium windows are tested for light & UV resistance using competitive JIS and ASTM standards. As a result, their anodised TEXGUARD windows enjoy unmatched protection from UV rays, acidic rain, and alkaline reaction.

What makes Anodised Aluminum Windows a modern housing solution for contemporary homeowners?

Some of the remarkable qualities of an anodised aluminium windows making it the ideal modern housing solution for the contemporary homeowner is as follows:

Reason 1: Impressive Finish & Long Lasting Lustre Means High Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home to complement a modern lifestyle, anodised aluminum windows should be your first choice. Here are some of the reasons that add to the aesthetic perfection of an anodised aluminium windows:

  • Impressive Finish: Aluminum anodised windows have a rich transparent finish with a lovely metallic sheen. Anodising thickens the natural oxide layer of aluminum and modifies the crystal structure of the metal. It improves the texture and gives the windows an exquisite visual appeal.
  • Long Lasting Lustre: Due to its surface protection from heat, wind, and water – the colour and gloss finishing of an anodised aluminium window remains intact for a long time, resulting in long lasting lustre, color & gloss retention, and less fading possibility. In addition to anodised coating, TOSTEM INDIA uses a patented TEXGUARD system that retains the colour and gloss of their anodised aluminium windows by up to 40 years.

Reason 2: Protected Surface Means Better Cleaning Efficiency

An ideal window is one that requires low maintenance. When you invest in anodised aluminium windows, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance.

  • Dust-Repelling: Anodised aluminium windows repel dust and do not allow it to accumulate on its surface. As a result, an anodised aluminium window is cleaning-efficient, requiring minimum upkeep and demanding as little as a quick wipe with a cloth every once a fortnight. 

Reason 3: High Durability means Low Adhesion Failure & Lower Maintenance Cost

Here are some reasons that make anodised aluminium windows a cost-effective and highly durable window solution for your home:

  • Minimal Risk of Adhesion Failure: The electrolytic process of anodising transforms a window surface into an impenetrable oxide layer and enhances the corrosion fighting property. As a result, there are lower chances of peeling, cracking, blistering, chipping, and splitting. 
  • Resistance to Peeling, Rust, and Irregular fading: Anodising protects a window from adverse climatic conditions such as moisture, dust, sunlight, and pollution. As a result, anodised aluminium windows are rust-free, resistant to corrosion, peeling, and irregular colour fading. Moreover, the need for periodic repainting gets dramatically reduced.
  • No Blemish or Fading in Coastal Areas: Metal has a higher chance of corrosion in coastal areas due to the salinity of rain, thus resulting in blemishes and fading. Through anodisation, the surface of the metal is protected from damages caused by acidic rain, thus reducing the risk of blemishing and fading, and reducing your overall expenditure on maintenance. 


Modern homes attract ample benefits from anodised aluminum windows. From high aesthetic appeal to high cleaning efficiency and minimal cost on upkeep – anodised aluminium windows stand as an ideal modern housing solution for contemporary homeowners.